Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What to do after a rainy run

This is a late post ... But aren't they always?

Last Thursday I set off to do my run after dropping Mason off at school. It was gray and cool outside but had stopped raining. I began running and was amazed by how many wet leaves covered the sidewalk. I tried to run slowly and carefully for fear of falling and hurting myself (again).

After about 2 miles it began raining ... Not sprinkling but full on rain. Since I usually do an out and back I had no short cut back to my car and had to run the same 2 miles back.

I ran 4.40 miles and arrived back to my car wet and cold. My solution was to head to Sunflour bakery for a crossiant sandwich, hot coffee, and cupcake.

I love these sandwiches! Hot, buttery, and irresistibly sinful.

I then headed for a much needed pedicure. There's nothing better than someone else massaging your feet after a run. Thanks lady.

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