Monday, December 23, 2013

Goals change, then change back

There was a point years ago where I thought running 500 miles in one year would be such an exciting feat (feet lol) for me as a novice runner.

Then I achieved that goal and wanted more. So I set my sights at 750 miles in one year and reached that milestone a few days ago with time to spare in 2013.

So what does an ordinary person do? Quickly change their goal to more miles for this year.

But then things happen. Mason was terribly ill yesterday. The poor kid woke up and never stopped vomiting as the day went on.

Six loads of laundry later plus a ton of baths and our day had finally come to an end. Ryan and I hoped that our little man would wake up this morning feeling so much better but instead he woke up crying around 5:30am which is almost two hours earlier than his normal wake up.

Since then I've had a huge cup of coffee and Mason has kept down a few Cheerios and some plain toast.

We've read all of his books at least once and have tried to stay nice and still in his bedroom in hopes of keeping down his breakfast. So far so good.

He seems to be in better spirits and that makes me happy. But sick toddlers make it hard to get runs in and I think my latest goal may go by the wayside. Which will be ok. One achieved goal is better than nothing. And one toddler that is feeling better makes it all worthwhile.

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