Monday, November 11, 2013

Will not run for a beet burger

Oh dear. This is one of the first burgers I have not loved in Charlotte.

Yesterday afternoon I ran 4 miles in 32 minutes in anticipation of a delicious, decadent dinner out. Ryan and I met our friends at the latest restaurant to open, Nan & Byron's.

I started off with a jalapeƱo margarita which was awesome! Instead of a bread basket the table is given a bowl of seasoned popcorn that was also very good and a pleasant change from the normal carb.

Ryan ordered sweet chile wings as an appetizer which were also good and Brandon ordered the smoked cheese dip with fresh chips that was devoured.

My only concern was my main meal. I opted for the beet burger thinking it would be a healthier version of my usual cheeseburger choice.

boursin cheese, arugula, red onions, avocado

I guess I should've guessed by the title that the beet would be fried. The breading was thick and oily and just not tasty. The bun used for the burger was disappointing and didn't offer the support needed for the toppings and greasy beet slices. As my side I chose the mojito fries and was blown away by the amount of salt they added.

All in all I had a great time with Ryan and our friends and loved the ambience of the new restaurant but am weary of having a meal there again. Will definitely order that margarita again though!

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  1. I've been getting over-salted fries at good restaurants lately...actually, believe it or not, my BIB salad at 5Church tasted like it had been doused with salt. Not cool. But I was just so happy to be out, I ignored it.