Saturday, November 16, 2013

an unplanned long run

This morning I headed out to mile marker 8 of the Thunder Road Half marathon to cheer on a couple of my friends.  My original thoughts were to run for a couple of miles and head back to the car. 

But once I was out there running, and trying to be as encouraging as possible, it dawned on me that maybe I could last just a little bit longer.  After-all, my friend Shannon mentioned that miles 10-13 would be the hardest for her. 

So I pressed on, updating her when needed on her current pace (she wasn't running with a watch or anything).  At mile 11 I wished her luck and told her to keep it going.  And she did ... she finished 3 minutes faster than her original goal time of 2:15 hours.
Sometimes the best part of a race isn't so much the actual running ... it's the pacing, the cheering, and the supporting those runners around you.  Especially the ones that you're friends with :)

my mile splits:
mile 1 - 9:48
mile 2 - 9:56
mile 3 - 10:17
mile 4 - 9:23 (split off around 3.6 miles)
mile 5 - 8:28
mile 6 - 8:23

I may not have run the entire half marathon this morning, but I did sneak in my own quarter marathon. 

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