Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Showmars 5k recap

Although it took a little longer than anticipated to receive my award, I'm happy to finally give my race recap from the Showmars 5k.

The race took place on September 21st, just a few miles from home. Ryan, Mason, and I all raced that morning.

The course was hillier than expected and I found myself tiring out pretty early on. I had done a long run two days earlier so my legs were anything but fresh. The last quarter mile was all uphill so I struggled quite a bit with the jogging stroller.

Ryan didn't think he raced well either so we didn't even consider sticking around for the awards ceremony and instead took Mason to get some pancakes for breakfast.

Ryan placed third in his age group and received a tumbler and $10 giftcard to Showmars restaurant.

I technically placed first in my age group with a time of 24:23 minutes but was placed in the baby jogger division instead (even though we didn't have our own start time nor any indication we had our own division in this race).

The first place female in 30-34 won with a time of 25:00 minutes which I clearly beat. Oh well a win is a win which I'm still really stoked about since it's my second first place win running with Mason.

304 total participants
141 total women

My prize was a tumbler, a $25 giftcard to Showmars, plus a tech tee from the race which would've been cool except its a size Large. Looks like Ryan gets an extra prize for winning third :)

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