Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Eighteen months

oops.  I'm late with Mason's update again.  originally I was hoping to be one day late since I was waiting until after his 18 month check up on 9/30 ... but then 1 day turned into 2 and then 3 ... and then I finally sat down and started typing.

let me just say that this past month has been a lot of fun for us.  Mason started preschool and is going twice a week for 3 1/4 hours at a time.  They play, eat snacks, go outside, read books, paint, have lunch, and basically have a blast.  His class is the perfect size; 8 little ones total.

I am so blessed that Mason has such loving and caring teachers.  my heart just bursts every time I hear them talk about how wonderful he's doing.  ok that's enough gushing about Mason being a big boy at school.

he also started back up at the Little Gym on wednesdays and has had so much fun exploring the gym and learning new skills.  he's also learning one sign language word a week which has been so beneficial.  

talking about learning new languages ... I finally kicked it into gear and have started teaching Mason some spanish.  I'm not sure why it's taken me so long, but now is the best time for him to learn and retain it.  he can identify nose, ears, eyes, and mouth and knows that trash is "basura."  he hasn't quite figured out how to say it but when he finds garbage he immediately says "baaaaaa" and rushes to the garbage can.  it's unreal how much they know at this age.  it's been a lot of fun discovering new things with him and watching him learn and grow.
 onto the fun stuff ... his stats from the doctor's visit.  
*weight 28 pounds, 9 ounces - 92%
*height 34 1/2 inches - 98%

I always thought Mason seemed a little tall but am floored that he's still so high in the percentages for kids his age, in both height and weight.  it's unreal that he's almost 3 feet tall!
he loves to play and is usually carrying a toy around with him at all times, whether its a truck, ball or "friend" (stuffed animal).

 he still loves his chair and will go and "relax" if you ask him to. 
I'm super jealous of his eyelashes, big pouty lips, and squeezable cheeks.  and his hair is finally growing in!
he loves to play his version of basketball, which unfortunately means throwing the balls down the stairwell at times.

he mimics us all the time, especially on the phone.  he'll have full on conversations in his babble language and is quite amusing to watch. usually we'll ask if he's calling Abuela (grandma).
 yikes this is a long post ... to wrap things up:

  • no new teeth; still waiting on those 4 incisiors.  seems to be teething at all times of the day when various books and toys end up in his mouth
  • sleeps around 10-11 hours through the night and 2-3 hours during his nap.  he's been going to bed around 7:30pm and wakes up around 6:30am (give or take)
  • drinks whole milk twice a day, once in the morning and once after his nap.  Dr. E has told us to start giving him 2% milk instead
  • likes grapes, apples, and blueberries (as of today but that can change in a moment's notice)
  • likes sweet potatoes and carrot and zucchini hidden in various forms (muffins, pancakes, burgers)
  • finally likes macaroni and cheese again!
  • can feed himself yogurt with a small spoon and gets 50% of it in his mouth (that's a win)
  • loves bath time and will say "bath" over and over until you get him in the tub
he's my little buddy and I love spending time with him.  I get sad when I see other kids and I'm not with him.  he's definitely a handful and gives me a run for my money.  I'm literally exhausted at the end of every day.  it's worth it though :)

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