Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Carolina Barre & Core

today was a pretty active day ... I dropped Mason off at preschool then ran 4 miles around Queens University.  Then I headed to Starbucks for a cup of coffee where I stood in a ridiculously long line.  Seriously who goes to Starbucks at 10am other than me?

Then my most dreaded errand of the day was a flu shot.  Bleh.  My shoulder is already sore.  Funny that the nurse told me "don't carry any babies" in the next couple of days.  Does that include my own?  Or just stranger babies?

I had signed up for an 11am OM Fusion class at Carolina Barre & Core and hadn't received any sort of confirmation that I was in the class.  So I swung by the studio and was happy when I saw my name on the list of 20 names for the upcoming class.  Score!  Even better was that this was a free class.  
Carolina Barre & Core
from their website:

"Carolina Barre & Core is a place to feel totally present, engaged, motivated and safe. No egos, no judgment…only results. Our goal is to be mindful mentally and physically during exercise which will ultimately allow you to gain the results desired."

The class that I was taking, OM Fusion, is a "twist on a traditional yoga class."  

Things that I liked about my experience:
  • small intimate studio - easy to check in and get situated before class
  • great music - not traditional slow/instrumental music.  lots of fast paced and "motivating" songs
  • only 20 yogi's in class - loved the limited number of people; made it more personal
  • great instruction by Stacy
  • full hour class
Things that I did not like about my experience:
  • parking is tough to find ... only a hand-full of spots at location.  fortunately I found a street spot about 2 blocks away
  • 85 degrees in the class ... so not a full on "hot" yoga, but still hot enough to need some more circulation than just a few 15 second intervals of a fan
  • had I not been in the area I would never have found out if my wait list status actually was confirmed.  I'm glad I didn't miss the class but am curious why there isn't an email sent (such as Flywheel) when you are moved from wait list to confirmed
I would love to try one of the Barre Fusion classes offered at the studio and am tempted to sign up for their introductory special:

*Receive your first 2 weeks for only $50! And if you visit 5 times in those 2 weeks, we'll give you $50 off of any 10 class (or greater) package

 All in all it has been a great day for working out and being active.  Hoping to keep this momentum all week!

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