Thursday, October 24, 2013

2 different gyms in 2 different days

Oh man the cold weather has hit Charlotte! That means my days of running outside are close to being over. I could've ran outside yesterday but it was so windy that I opted for the treadmill at the YMCA by our house.

I ran for 5 minutes, then walked for 1 minute for the full time. Then I did three quick shoulder exercises ...
* overhead press
* front lateral raises
* side lateral raises

2 sets of 15 reps each with 5 pound weights

Today I awoke to 30 degrees outside and decided treadmill running would have to do again.

I ran 2.65 miles in 30 minutes, reset the treadmill, and ran 0.85 miles in 10 minutes.

3.5 miles in 40 minutes

Now I'm hanging out at Target waiting until it's time to pick Monster up from school. Happy Thursday!

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