Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Carolina Barre & Core

today was a pretty active day ... I dropped Mason off at preschool then ran 4 miles around Queens University.  Then I headed to Starbucks for a cup of coffee where I stood in a ridiculously long line.  Seriously who goes to Starbucks at 10am other than me?

Then my most dreaded errand of the day was a flu shot.  Bleh.  My shoulder is already sore.  Funny that the nurse told me "don't carry any babies" in the next couple of days.  Does that include my own?  Or just stranger babies?

I had signed up for an 11am OM Fusion class at Carolina Barre & Core and hadn't received any sort of confirmation that I was in the class.  So I swung by the studio and was happy when I saw my name on the list of 20 names for the upcoming class.  Score!  Even better was that this was a free class.  
Carolina Barre & Core
from their website:

"Carolina Barre & Core is a place to feel totally present, engaged, motivated and safe. No egos, no judgment…only results. Our goal is to be mindful mentally and physically during exercise which will ultimately allow you to gain the results desired."

The class that I was taking, OM Fusion, is a "twist on a traditional yoga class."  

Things that I liked about my experience:
  • small intimate studio - easy to check in and get situated before class
  • great music - not traditional slow/instrumental music.  lots of fast paced and "motivating" songs
  • only 20 yogi's in class - loved the limited number of people; made it more personal
  • great instruction by Stacy
  • full hour class
Things that I did not like about my experience:
  • parking is tough to find ... only a hand-full of spots at location.  fortunately I found a street spot about 2 blocks away
  • 85 degrees in the class ... so not a full on "hot" yoga, but still hot enough to need some more circulation than just a few 15 second intervals of a fan
  • had I not been in the area I would never have found out if my wait list status actually was confirmed.  I'm glad I didn't miss the class but am curious why there isn't an email sent (such as Flywheel) when you are moved from wait list to confirmed
I would love to try one of the Barre Fusion classes offered at the studio and am tempted to sign up for their introductory special:

*Receive your first 2 weeks for only $50! And if you visit 5 times in those 2 weeks, we'll give you $50 off of any 10 class (or greater) package

 All in all it has been a great day for working out and being active.  Hoping to keep this momentum all week!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

2 different gyms in 2 different days

Oh man the cold weather has hit Charlotte! That means my days of running outside are close to being over. I could've ran outside yesterday but it was so windy that I opted for the treadmill at the YMCA by our house.

I ran for 5 minutes, then walked for 1 minute for the full time. Then I did three quick shoulder exercises ...
* overhead press
* front lateral raises
* side lateral raises

2 sets of 15 reps each with 5 pound weights

Today I awoke to 30 degrees outside and decided treadmill running would have to do again.

I ran 2.65 miles in 30 minutes, reset the treadmill, and ran 0.85 miles in 10 minutes.

3.5 miles in 40 minutes

Now I'm hanging out at Target waiting until it's time to pick Monster up from school. Happy Thursday!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Some non training

It's funny to me how little I actually want to run when I technically have to run based on a training plan or schedule. Now that the half marathon is over I'm actually looking forward to running again because I want to and not HAVE to ... Until it gets too cold outside.

Today I ran an easy 3.6 miles in 30 minutes around Mason's preschool. I volunteered to help with their picture day so I'm required to head back over around 11am.

After my run I headed over to Starbucks to enjoy a skinny vanilla latte and my second breakfast of the morning ... Turkey bacon, egg white, cheddar on an English muffin.

First breakfast of the day was oatmeal with almond milk and granola which I split with Mason.

It's been cooling down quite a bit in Charlotte, with lows in the 30's later this week. I'll be surprised if I actually run outside anymore this week or if I take it onto the treadmill.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hopebuilders 5k recap

Today Mason and I ran our final race in the Running For Your Life "Grand Prix" series. This season we have run 6 races together.

The Hopebuilders 5k had its own Stroller Roller division which allowed baby joggers to start 10 minutes before the other runners.

I had taken a few days off from running after experiencing some intense hip pain. It hurt to walk up the stairs, walk forward, and basically even lay down on that hurt left side. I was not a happy camper the past few days but am so fortunate that this morning I had almost zero hip discomfort.

Before the race we hung out with the Carolina Panthers mascot.

I'm not going to lie, this race was mentally tough. After taking so many days off since running the half marathon on Saturday, and only running 3.5 miles on Tuesday, I just wasn't in the right mindset.

We struggled through the first two miles and finally got a mini surge of speed at the end.

26:16 minutes was our final time. Not our best time but not too terrible either.

And yes Mason managed to take both of his shoes off and one sock while we were running. I was able to grab onto the shoes but had to stop the stroller and grab the thrown sock.

Aside from possibly doing a turkey trot or a Christmas themed race, we may be done racing for this year. And you know what? I'm ok with that.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The last long run

Well. It's over. I finished my last long run before the half marathon on the 12th. It's been nice getting my long runs done while Mason is at preschool instead of wasting a family weekend day. I even saw him and his classmates while I was finishing up a block away from school and had to run across the street to avoid being seen.

This was a rough run for me. Not sure what's going on with my legs lately but they are not feeling as strong and capable as I would've hoped.

I finished 10.1 miles in just under 1:30 hours. I took a walking break after 9 miles for about 0.25 miles.

And here are the reasons why this run sucked:
1. Ran a new different route that wasn't shaded.
2. Carried a 1/2 full water bottle which got cumbersome after a while
3. Ate orange GU chomps and hated them.
4. Felt like throwing up after mile 7
5. Right ankle has been feeling funky during my runs lately

Today's run has made me reevaluate my goals for the actual race. The last half marathon I ran I was 4 months pregnant and finished in 1 hour and 58 minutes. I had some unrealistic goals for this race and have definitely scaled back to avoid disappointment. At this point I would love to finish in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Showmars 5k recap

Although it took a little longer than anticipated to receive my award, I'm happy to finally give my race recap from the Showmars 5k.

The race took place on September 21st, just a few miles from home. Ryan, Mason, and I all raced that morning.

The course was hillier than expected and I found myself tiring out pretty early on. I had done a long run two days earlier so my legs were anything but fresh. The last quarter mile was all uphill so I struggled quite a bit with the jogging stroller.

Ryan didn't think he raced well either so we didn't even consider sticking around for the awards ceremony and instead took Mason to get some pancakes for breakfast.

Ryan placed third in his age group and received a tumbler and $10 giftcard to Showmars restaurant.

I technically placed first in my age group with a time of 24:23 minutes but was placed in the baby jogger division instead (even though we didn't have our own start time nor any indication we had our own division in this race).

The first place female in 30-34 won with a time of 25:00 minutes which I clearly beat. Oh well a win is a win which I'm still really stoked about since it's my second first place win running with Mason.

304 total participants
141 total women

My prize was a tumbler, a $25 giftcard to Showmars, plus a tech tee from the race which would've been cool except its a size Large. Looks like Ryan gets an extra prize for winning third :)

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Eighteen months

oops.  I'm late with Mason's update again.  originally I was hoping to be one day late since I was waiting until after his 18 month check up on 9/30 ... but then 1 day turned into 2 and then 3 ... and then I finally sat down and started typing.

let me just say that this past month has been a lot of fun for us.  Mason started preschool and is going twice a week for 3 1/4 hours at a time.  They play, eat snacks, go outside, read books, paint, have lunch, and basically have a blast.  His class is the perfect size; 8 little ones total.

I am so blessed that Mason has such loving and caring teachers.  my heart just bursts every time I hear them talk about how wonderful he's doing.  ok that's enough gushing about Mason being a big boy at school.

he also started back up at the Little Gym on wednesdays and has had so much fun exploring the gym and learning new skills.  he's also learning one sign language word a week which has been so beneficial.  

talking about learning new languages ... I finally kicked it into gear and have started teaching Mason some spanish.  I'm not sure why it's taken me so long, but now is the best time for him to learn and retain it.  he can identify nose, ears, eyes, and mouth and knows that trash is "basura."  he hasn't quite figured out how to say it but when he finds garbage he immediately says "baaaaaa" and rushes to the garbage can.  it's unreal how much they know at this age.  it's been a lot of fun discovering new things with him and watching him learn and grow.
 onto the fun stuff ... his stats from the doctor's visit.  
*weight 28 pounds, 9 ounces - 92%
*height 34 1/2 inches - 98%

I always thought Mason seemed a little tall but am floored that he's still so high in the percentages for kids his age, in both height and weight.  it's unreal that he's almost 3 feet tall!
he loves to play and is usually carrying a toy around with him at all times, whether its a truck, ball or "friend" (stuffed animal).

 he still loves his chair and will go and "relax" if you ask him to. 
I'm super jealous of his eyelashes, big pouty lips, and squeezable cheeks.  and his hair is finally growing in!
he loves to play his version of basketball, which unfortunately means throwing the balls down the stairwell at times.

he mimics us all the time, especially on the phone.  he'll have full on conversations in his babble language and is quite amusing to watch. usually we'll ask if he's calling Abuela (grandma).
 yikes this is a long post ... to wrap things up:

  • no new teeth; still waiting on those 4 incisiors.  seems to be teething at all times of the day when various books and toys end up in his mouth
  • sleeps around 10-11 hours through the night and 2-3 hours during his nap.  he's been going to bed around 7:30pm and wakes up around 6:30am (give or take)
  • drinks whole milk twice a day, once in the morning and once after his nap.  Dr. E has told us to start giving him 2% milk instead
  • likes grapes, apples, and blueberries (as of today but that can change in a moment's notice)
  • likes sweet potatoes and carrot and zucchini hidden in various forms (muffins, pancakes, burgers)
  • finally likes macaroni and cheese again!
  • can feed himself yogurt with a small spoon and gets 50% of it in his mouth (that's a win)
  • loves bath time and will say "bath" over and over until you get him in the tub
he's my little buddy and I love spending time with him.  I get sad when I see other kids and I'm not with him.  he's definitely a handful and gives me a run for my money.  I'm literally exhausted at the end of every day.  it's worth it though :)

10 days to go

with 10 days to go until the Rocktoberfest Half Marathon, I figured it would be fun (for me) to do 10 things about my training thus far.  here goes:

1. there are only 5 or 6 more training runs before the big race

2. I am supposed to do 12 miles tomorrow but am leaning towards 10 ... or 8 

3. I've ran an average of 74 miles a month during July, August, and September

4. my longest training run was 10.05 miles in 1:19:55 hours

5. my fastest training run was 3.1 miles in 22:30 minutes (7:15 min/mile pace)

6. my slowest training run was 5 miles on the treadmill in 1:02:30 hours (12:30 min/mile pace)

7. I've only thrown up once after a run (gross)

8. I've trained with gummy bears and GU as fuel during the last few "long" runs

9. I bought my first running skirt and love it.  it's been worn twice so far.

10. and lastly ... I've managed to race with Mason in multiple 5ks and even placed twice (the second time has not been blogged about since I have YET to receive my award)

so am I excited about the race?  meh.  sure?  at this point I just want to get it run and done.