Thursday, September 12, 2013

One month to go

There is only one more month to go before I run the Rocktoberfest Half MarathonAfter giving my training some thought, I decided to run 7 miles today.

Today's run featured some firsts ...
1) I swallowed a bug within the first 1/2 mile.  I contemplated throwing up along side the road but figured the bug would give me some extra protein (YUCK!)

2) I wore my new SPIbelt from Dick's Sporting Goods ... originally $19.99, on sale for $15.99 AND I used my $10 gift certificate winnings from the Hog Jog.  It held my phone and keys perfectly which was a nice change from having to hold everything in my hands.

I ran from Mason's preschool to Freedom Park, and then along the Greenway for a couple of miles.  Only parts of the run were shaded, unfortunately, which made the run super hot an sweaty.

mile 1 - 8:29
mile 2 - 8:28
mile 3 - 8:19
mile 4 - 8:16
mile 5 - 8:14
mile 6 - 9:26
mile 7 - 8:22
7 miles in 59:35 minutes

Once I was done and showered I refueled with a Naked "Green Machine" smoothie.  At 10 ounces it was the perfect size!

I also decided to wear my compression socks to aid in recovery. I had to pick Mason up from school and didn't want all of the moms to think I was some weirdo so I wore jeans to cover them up (on a super hot day).  That probably made me look stranger than just wearing compression socks. 

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  1. Haha! This one made me laugh. And I'm picturing an exaggeratedly huge june bug that you in the movie Me, Myself, and Irene.