Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hog Jog 5k

As my friend Katie knows, if you're in town visiting me there is a good chance I'll make you run a race.  My friend Melissa is in town for work (she works for Nascar) and is staying with us before moving to a hotel on Sunday night.  Her punishment, payment, activity this morning was running the Hog Jog 5k at 8am in Uptown Charlotte.

I did not want to race, let alone run this morning.  Mason seemed indifferent which in this case was good since we ended up being there so long.  We got to the race start a little early and after we picked up our race chips we gave Mason some snacks and waited for the start. 

Mason and I headed to the front of the pack, along with 2 lonely baby strollers (pushed by dudes), and awaited our usual 5 minute head-start.  When the organizer said there would be no head-start for baby joggers, I felt sort of slighted since that meant mass chaos at the start.  And of course as soon as he yelled "GO!" we were off in a giant clump of runners.  Since we were right in front, I was racing along the elite, which made me try to run a little faster than normal.

The course was hilly, of course, and was super challenging on tired legs (from Flywheel on Wednesday).  After around 1.5 miles, we went to take a turn and the BOB jerked and skid off to the side.  I stopped for a few seconds to get our bearings and then began running again.

I'm honestly surprised that I finished the 5k in 23:29 minutes.  It felt so much slower because of the hills and my general lack of energy.

What was even MORE surprising is that I placed 1st in my age group, 30-34 years old.  I got a cool medal and a $10 gift certificate to a sports store.  Mason was a total trooper for hanging out so long at the race while we waited for the awards ceremony.  He was rewarded with a pancake breakfast at Terrace Cafe, while Melissa and I rewarded ourselves with bloody marys.  To each their own I guess.

This was the 4th race I've run with Mason this running season ... we have 2 left and I'm still trying to find that individual 5k to sneak in.  Next 5k will be in 2 weeks!

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