Tuesday, September 24, 2013

a day in the life

I'm not entirely sure if I've written a "day in the life" post ever ... or if I have, if it's been in the past year.

Regardless I figured it might be fun (for me) to see what I do during the day and where all 24 hours go.
7:05am - I wake up to Ryan talking to Honey (the dog)

7:10am - I walk into Mason's room and see him standing in his crib having a good time.  The kid sure likes to party.  I carry him into our room to see Honey and dada and the first thing he says to Ryan is "Hat!"  

7:15-8:00am - I take Mason downstairs for his milk and most of a banana.  He helps me in the kitchen while I make breakfast and get his lunch ready for school.  we eat as a family (which is always nice).  Ryan finishes up his coffee while chatting with Mason so I have a few minutes to work on the dishes.

8:00-8:30am - we play upstairs and get dressed for school.  one last diaper change before we head out the door (poopie!)

8:30am - I realize the car seat is still in Ryan's car and curse under my breath.  Mason is (safely) playing in the front yard while I wrestle with the seat belt in the back seat.

8:35-9:00am - Holy cow we hit a lot of traffic this morning on the way to school!  I manage to walk him inside a couple of minutes late and notice he's only the 3rd one in his class.  Guess the other moms are running late too.

9:10am - I start my run around the neighborhood surrounding Mason's school.  I originally set out to do 6 miles but my hips are killing me and I tell myself to just run 3 today.  Fortunately I am able to push out 4 miles and head back to the car.

10:00-10:45am - I grab an iced coffee through the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru and head to my happy place, Target.  I literally wander the aisles with a huge smile plastered to my face as I revel in my time away from a rambunctious toddler. 

10:45-10:55am - I run (ha) over to Run For Your Life to pick up our awards from Saturday's 5k but am told that they have no idea where they are.  The sales chick tells me to call back tomorrow to find out where they are storing the awards.  Fortunately the store is on my way home so I'm not too annoyed.

11:05am - I hurry inside the house to get showered.  Today I actually have time to wash my hair (hurray) but no time to dry or style it.  Messy wet bun it is. I head downstairs to make lunch for Ryan and I.  The lunch sits on the counter until I get home from picking up Mason.

11:45am-12:05pm - I drive over to Mason's school and curse myself for being early.  I wander inside and chat with a couple of the other moms while we wait for our cue.

12:15-12:35pm - Mason and I drive home and catch up with abuela on the phone.  

12:35-12:55pm - I open Mason's lunchbox and notice the kid hasn't eaten the majority of his lunch.  Lame.  I sit him in his highchair and give him his leftover lunch and eat my taco salad from earlier.

12:55-1:05pm - Diaper for Mason and a handful of books before I lay him down for a nap.

1:05-2:05pm - Computer time for mom while listening to the baby monitor.  Mason is partying and doesn't fall asleep until 1:30pm.   

2:05-2:30pm - on phone (mostly on hold) with Novant Medical Group about an owed hospital refund from when Mason was born.  this has now been the 4th call about money that is owed to us which is frustrating.  I straighten my hair during most of the call while having the phone on speaker.

2:30-4:00pm - household chores while Mason continues his nap.  ah the glamorous life of stay at home moms.

4:00pm - Mason is awake!  I give him his milk while I grab his dirty laundry and combine it with the rest of the awaiting dirty laundry downstairs.  start the washing machine and head back upstairs.

4:00-4:30pm - play time with Mason upstairs.  new diaper and then I give him a snack (fruit/veggie pouch) before heading out to Trader Joe's for groceries.

4:35pm - instantly regret decision to head out for groceries so close to "rush hour."  annoyed at traffic but am entertained by Mason's gibberish in the backseat

4:45-5:15pm - shopping at Trader Joe's ... basically filling the cart with the same 5 products we buy weekly ... eggs, yogurt, tomatoes, apples, frozen silver dollar pancakes, you know the usual toddler groceries.

5:20pm - arrive at Chinese take-out restaurant and chat with Katie while waiting for our food

5:50-6:30pm - dinner with the family and subsequent clean up.  

6:30-7:00pm - Mason is in rare form and super hyper after dinner.  he spends most of the 30 minutes playing basketball with dada and basically running around our play room.

7:00-7:15pm - bedtime routine with Mason.  no bath tonight.  new diaper and some killer Elmo pajamas.  brush his teeth with his nooth grush (you would understand if you read Dr. Seuss books).  read a ton of books while he wanders around the room.  finally gives some hugs and kisses to dada and then mom gets to spend a few quiet minutes with her babybear.  some rocking in the rocking chair and some more snuggles.

7:20pm - I walk out of his room and head back downstairs to finish laundry and cleaning up rest of the kitchen.  I finish my glass of wine from dinner and pour a little more (no judging).  

8:00pm - laundry is put away and my own pajamas are on.  listening to Ryan watch some nonsense on tv while I finish computer stuff.

8:15-10:00pm - tv time with Ryan and lots of playing on my phone (pinterest is a vortex of time and space),

10:00pm - lights out!


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