Friday, August 23, 2013

Trying out the tray and a code brown

I have to start off by saying that Thursdays aren't usually so exciting at the Chalmers household.

Yesterday started off normal enough with a mommy and Mason 4 mile run around our neighborhood. I deviated from week 5's training since I had missed my 5 miler the day before and figured 4 miles was better than 3.

Mason tried out his new snack tray in preparation for our 5k tomorrow morning. He seemed to be a fan.

The day went on as usual ... Lunch followed by a nap. I noticed Mason was extra restless and fussy during naptime but didn't really think much of it. I had let him take his nap pantless with only a diaper on, seeing as though this was more comfortable.

When I went into his room after naptime I was shocked by the smell and sight.

"Ryan! We have a code red, I mean code brown. Come quick!"

Thank god Ryan was in town and not traveling. Mason had taken off his diaper during his nap and pooped everywhere. It was a nightmare. Ryan quickly yanked him out of the crib and threw him in the tub for a bath. I attacked the crib and it's surroundings.

I'm glad we didn't take any pictures. It was terrible. After many loads of laundry later (some on the sanitize setting) things were back to normal.

So here's my PSA for the day ... Always put pants on your curious toddler.

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