Saturday, August 3, 2013

time to switch back to adrenalines

I wore Brooks Adrenaline running shoes religiously for years.  Then I started to get cute and buy shoes based on appearance and "speed" appeal.  Boy do I regret some of those recent runs.  

This morning I set out for my 7 miler, my long run for week 3 of supposed marathon training.  I wore my MIzuno Wave Precisions and after about mile 5 I started to feel some major blisters developing on my toes.  I've NEVER had blisters from running any sort of distance during my Adrenaline days.  Since I'm still considering a fall marathon (I have 15 weeks to change my mind) I've decided to hunt around for my beloved Brooks and wear them during long runs and leave my "minimalist" shoes for shorter distances.

I'm super stoked that I managed to a) run sub 9 minute miles and b) have negative splits.

mile 1 - 8:54
mile 2 - 8:46
mile 3 - 8:46
mile 4 - 8:29
mile 5 - 8:27
mile 6 - 8:20
mile 7 - 8:01
7 miles in 59:45 minutes

What running shoes do you love to run in?  

Happy Saturday everyone!

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