Saturday, August 31, 2013

Seventeen Months

I know I know I'm 2 days late ... but as Ryan reminded me no one will notice.  

Although there weren't any huge developmental changes this month, Mason did have some fun while his grandparents were in town.
He's become chattier, even though we still have no idea what he's saying half of the time.  "Hat" has become his new favorite word, along with "bus" and "box."  

Eating is a nightmare!  The kid has decided he doesn't like vegetables or most fruits.  It's frustrating to me as the parent, but I know in the next few days he'll probably change his mind AGAIN.  He's even decided to boycott those vegetable pouches which has totally turned my world upside down.

He's been more interested in putting his Legos together which is always a combination of happiness and intense frustration on his part.
He loves balloons and calls them "baaaaa."  Still hasn't quite figured out how to say the rest of the word.
He still loves to "relax" in his chair, but occasionally sits there and makes these ridiculously funny-serious faces.
 Such a cheesy little kid.  Love when I catch him making the cutest smile.
And he's obsessed with my running watch.  I always put it on him after a run and he'll sit there pressing the 4 buttons until I finally take it away, for fear he's deleted another mediocre run.

No new teeth ... but endlessly teething.  Still going to the YMCA daycare a few times a week.  He just started back at Little Gym which is a fun outing once a week where he gets to play with other toddlers and run around in a {safe} environment.

And next week he starts preschool twice a week so I'm sure his 18 month update will be filled with lots of fun information. 

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