Sunday, August 25, 2013

downgrading to a half ... I think

today marked the end of week 6 of marathon training.  although the "plan" called for a total of 18 miles this week, I managed to wrap up the week with 17.

monday - should have been a rest day but I took a spinning class at the YMCA
tuesday - ran 3 miles
wednesday - should have ran 5 miles but was an extra for the show BANSHEE instead 
thursday - should have ran 3 miles but ran 4 miles in anticipation of "catching up"
friday - rest
saturday - should have ran 7 miles but ran 4 miles instead (5k + 0.9)
sunday - cross train day but ran 6 miles (got confused and should have ran 7 to make up for yesterday)

I don't think I physically can (nor want to) train for a marathon.  It seems like a lot of work (DUH).  I'm proud of myself for sticking through it for 6 weeks and will now make the downgrade to training for a half marathon.  

here are the fall races I'm looking to do:

09.07.13 - Hog Jog 5K : Uptown Charlotte
09.21.13 - Showmars Pediatric Hearts 5K : Showmars - Cedar Park
10.12.13 - Rocktoberfest Half Marathon
10.19.13 - Hopebuilders 5K Run/Walk : CMC Main Campus

I'm sure I'll continue to run throughout the fall and early winter (until it gets too cold and I wimp out) so there may be a chance for a marathon mid November.  I'm hoping my base running will be strong so adding a few long runs (15, 18, 20) may not be impossible to do.  

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