Saturday, August 31, 2013

Seventeen Months

I know I know I'm 2 days late ... but as Ryan reminded me no one will notice.  

Although there weren't any huge developmental changes this month, Mason did have some fun while his grandparents were in town.
He's become chattier, even though we still have no idea what he's saying half of the time.  "Hat" has become his new favorite word, along with "bus" and "box."  

Eating is a nightmare!  The kid has decided he doesn't like vegetables or most fruits.  It's frustrating to me as the parent, but I know in the next few days he'll probably change his mind AGAIN.  He's even decided to boycott those vegetable pouches which has totally turned my world upside down.

He's been more interested in putting his Legos together which is always a combination of happiness and intense frustration on his part.
He loves balloons and calls them "baaaaa."  Still hasn't quite figured out how to say the rest of the word.
He still loves to "relax" in his chair, but occasionally sits there and makes these ridiculously funny-serious faces.
 Such a cheesy little kid.  Love when I catch him making the cutest smile.
And he's obsessed with my running watch.  I always put it on him after a run and he'll sit there pressing the 4 buttons until I finally take it away, for fear he's deleted another mediocre run.

No new teeth ... but endlessly teething.  Still going to the YMCA daycare a few times a week.  He just started back at Little Gym which is a fun outing once a week where he gets to play with other toddlers and run around in a {safe} environment.

And next week he starts preschool twice a week so I'm sure his 18 month update will be filled with lots of fun information. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

3 miles and pancakes

I've had such a good day so far with my favorite little man.

We went running this morning along the greenway and knocked out 3 miles in 25:30 minutes. Then we headed to the Flying Biscuit for some breakfast.

I always order the same thing, the high flyer, so that I can share with Mason.

He loves the pancakes and chicken sausage from this place. I'm so glad we snuck away for a fun weekday breakfast outing together.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quick back and bicep workout

I found myself at the gym and knew it was an "off from running day." What to do what to do ...

I decided to work on some weight training and did three different back workouts and two different bicep workouts.

*lateral pulldown
*seated row

*not sure what these are called but I bend forward at the waist while holding a 10 pound weight

*bicep curls
*hammerhead curls

Now I'm chilling on the bicycle pedaling away. Trying to hit at least 2 miles before rescuing Mason from daycare.


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Sunday, August 25, 2013

downgrading to a half ... I think

today marked the end of week 6 of marathon training.  although the "plan" called for a total of 18 miles this week, I managed to wrap up the week with 17.

monday - should have been a rest day but I took a spinning class at the YMCA
tuesday - ran 3 miles
wednesday - should have ran 5 miles but was an extra for the show BANSHEE instead 
thursday - should have ran 3 miles but ran 4 miles in anticipation of "catching up"
friday - rest
saturday - should have ran 7 miles but ran 4 miles instead (5k + 0.9)
sunday - cross train day but ran 6 miles (got confused and should have ran 7 to make up for yesterday)

I don't think I physically can (nor want to) train for a marathon.  It seems like a lot of work (DUH).  I'm proud of myself for sticking through it for 6 weeks and will now make the downgrade to training for a half marathon.  

here are the fall races I'm looking to do:

09.07.13 - Hog Jog 5K : Uptown Charlotte
09.21.13 - Showmars Pediatric Hearts 5K : Showmars - Cedar Park
10.12.13 - Rocktoberfest Half Marathon
10.19.13 - Hopebuilders 5K Run/Walk : CMC Main Campus

I'm sure I'll continue to run throughout the fall and early winter (until it gets too cold and I wimp out) so there may be a chance for a marathon mid November.  I'm hoping my base running will be strong so adding a few long runs (15, 18, 20) may not be impossible to do.  

Nom Nom Burger

After a day of racing and some yardwork, Ryan and I wanted a decadent and filling dinner.  We stopped by some food trucks for a snack and although I was pretty full after eating 2 tacos and a cupcake I figured there might be room for a little more food.

We decided to try Nom Nom Burger for the first time, which isn't fair to this burger since I didn't give it the attention it deserved.  Since I was splitting the meal with Mason I chose conservatively and went with:

Fresh hand patty Sterling Silver® ground beef. Cheddar cheese. Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato. Onion. Mayo.

For an extra $1.00 upcharge, I was able to pick sweet potato fries as my side which happens to be Mason's favorite food item EVER.  

I sadly only put a small dent into this burger, not because of its taste or quality, but because I was just so dang full.  

The meat was juicy and flavorful, but the bacon should've/could've been slightly crispier.  For $9 ($10 with sweet potato fries) the burger's price is average with other restaurants serving "specialty" burgers.  

I would love to stop by and try one of their Asian inspired burgers when I'm feeling a little hungrier and can give my stomach's full (empty?) attention to the meal.

Yiasou Greek Festival 5k

Yesterday Mason and I ran the Yiasou Greek Festival 5k.  I couldn't have asked for better racing conditions ... no humidity and temperatures in the high 60's made for a perfect day.

Baby joggers began 2 minutes before the rest of the racers and I saw a few women with their babies jet off ahead of us.  I didn't try to catch up with them; instead I focused on keeping a good pace with Mason.

mile 1 - 7:38
mile 2 - 7:39
mile 3 - 7:23

average pace - 7:32 min/mile, total time 23:24 minutes

This was by far our fastest 5k time together.  I felt strong out on the course and am thankful that it was relatively flat. 

We have at least 2 more 5ks to race together this year, but I'm doubtful we'll knock out another race THIS fast.  I'm so lucky to have such a dedicated racing partner :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Trying out the tray and a code brown

I have to start off by saying that Thursdays aren't usually so exciting at the Chalmers household.

Yesterday started off normal enough with a mommy and Mason 4 mile run around our neighborhood. I deviated from week 5's training since I had missed my 5 miler the day before and figured 4 miles was better than 3.

Mason tried out his new snack tray in preparation for our 5k tomorrow morning. He seemed to be a fan.

The day went on as usual ... Lunch followed by a nap. I noticed Mason was extra restless and fussy during naptime but didn't really think much of it. I had let him take his nap pantless with only a diaper on, seeing as though this was more comfortable.

When I went into his room after naptime I was shocked by the smell and sight.

"Ryan! We have a code red, I mean code brown. Come quick!"

Thank god Ryan was in town and not traveling. Mason had taken off his diaper during his nap and pooped everywhere. It was a nightmare. Ryan quickly yanked him out of the crib and threw him in the tub for a bath. I attacked the crib and it's surroundings.

I'm glad we didn't take any pictures. It was terrible. After many loads of laundry later (some on the sanitize setting) things were back to normal.

So here's my PSA for the day ... Always put pants on your curious toddler.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm not a quitter (at least not yet)

I woke up this morning and didn't want to run 10 miles. Shocking I know. So I hung out with Mason while Ryan knocked out his 7 miler.

By the time he was finished running and showered I had decided I should try to run, you know, just a little.

So I headed to the gym and ran on the treadmill for 5 miles. I'm annoyed that it took me almost an hour to finish that mileage, but like I've stated recently I'm just not digging the treadmill.

Once I was done with the 5 miles I went to get some water and use the restroom. Then I headed outside to run on the outdoor gravel track.

I managed to run 2.5 miles before it started raining. I didn't want to quit before the 10 miles were over so I kept at it. I'm happy that I finished the 2nd 5 miles way faster than the treadmill run.

I averaged a pace of 10:05 min/mile for my total run today, which is slightly slower than normal, but that's ok. What counts is that I didn't quit, even when it started raining.

Looking forward to "only" running 7 miles as my long run next week!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

That moment

That moment after you put your toddler to bed where you just sit quietly for a few minutes. That moment when the neighbor's dog is barking and you want to run outside and strangle it because you want peace and quiet. Oh and god forbid it causes Honey to start barking which may cause Mason to stir in his crib.

That moment when you know you should be tidying up the playroom for tomorrows escapades. Or cleaning the stove from the three meals that were cooked today. Or even finishing those last dirty dishes sitting in a small pile in the kitchen sink.

None of that matters right now except me and my silence. Ah silence. How I've yearned for you most of the day, aside for those precious hours while M was napping.

The past few days have been rough. Not sure what is going on with M but he's been cranky and throwing tantrums left and right. Can I blame it on teething? Ok thanks, it's teething. It's something and I don't like it.

I don't think Honey likes it either.

Shhh. You're ruining my silence dog.

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They're HERE!

My new adrenalines finally arrived at my doorstep while Mason and I were at a play date.

They even sent a free pair of their new socks with the order. I can't wait to wear both the socks and shoes this Saturday for my long run.

I ran the past two days as per my weekly plan but am taking today off. Yesterday's 5 miler was super slow on the treadmill; my legs weren't feeling it.

Monday's 3 miler was a lot better since I ran outside with Mason.

Way sweatier than running on a treadmill but so much faster!

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

week 4 is complete

I'm happy to say that week 4 of (blank) training is complete.  Since I'm still not 100% sure I'm going to run a full marathon, I'll continue to sound vague about each of my training posts.  

Either way I'm running and training for something, so a race will be ran, regardless if it's 13 miles or 26 miles.

This past week I ran tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and a long run on saturday.  I did not cross train, which is not cool, but I did spend a glorious 24 hours with Ryan in Charleston.  So that trumps cross training any day in my book.

Long run mile splits:
mile 1 - 8:33
mile 2 - 8:20
mile 3 - 8:16
mile 4 - 8:17
mile 5 - 8:14
mile 6 - 8:07
mile 7 - 8:17
mile 8 - 8:22
mile 9 - 8:18 
overall pace - 8:18

I'm super proud of my run on Saturday.  I pushed myself and kept running, even when I desperately wanted to walk.  Aaaannnnndddd I just freaked myself out by looking ahead to week 15 of the Hal Higdon novice training plan, where total mileage is 40 miles (5, 10, 5, 20). 

Sigh.  I'll just keep putting one foot in front of the other and see how far I can go with all of this training.  Oh and my new running shoes should be here by Tuesday.  I can't wait to use those for my 10 miler on Saturday.  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

time to switch back to adrenalines

I wore Brooks Adrenaline running shoes religiously for years.  Then I started to get cute and buy shoes based on appearance and "speed" appeal.  Boy do I regret some of those recent runs.  

This morning I set out for my 7 miler, my long run for week 3 of supposed marathon training.  I wore my MIzuno Wave Precisions and after about mile 5 I started to feel some major blisters developing on my toes.  I've NEVER had blisters from running any sort of distance during my Adrenaline days.  Since I'm still considering a fall marathon (I have 15 weeks to change my mind) I've decided to hunt around for my beloved Brooks and wear them during long runs and leave my "minimalist" shoes for shorter distances.

I'm super stoked that I managed to a) run sub 9 minute miles and b) have negative splits.

mile 1 - 8:54
mile 2 - 8:46
mile 3 - 8:46
mile 4 - 8:29
mile 5 - 8:27
mile 6 - 8:20
mile 7 - 8:01
7 miles in 59:45 minutes

What running shoes do you love to run in?  

Happy Saturday everyone!