Monday, July 29, 2013

The day yoga was not meant to be

I should've guessed that yoga wasn't in the cards for me this morning. I couldn't find my mat before leaving for the gym but I figured there would be a mat for me to borrow once I got there.

As I checked into the gym the YMCA employee mentioned I better hurry if I planned on making the 9:30 class. The line to daycare was out the door and by the time I dropped Mason off it was 9:35.

I didn't think anything of the tardiness and was saddened to find the door locked for class.

Sigh. I took my tired body over to the cardio area and jumped on a bike for some cross training.

5 miles later I switched to the weight area and worked out triceps and abs. Maybe I'll make it to a yoga class on time this week. Or maybe not.

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