Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fifteen months

sigh.  once again my monthly Mason update is very delayed.  only 9 more of these so I better get it right sooner than later.  I decided to stop the monthly updates after his 2nd birthday.  

Mason got to spend a lot of his 15th month with abuelo and abuela which always makes me happy.  He came down to Florida with Ryan and I for Katie's wedding and got to spend the weekend with abuela.  Then abuela came back to Charlotte with us!  My parents helped so much during our move from Plaza Midwood to Quail Hollow.  We couldn't have done it without them.
I'm pretty sure there will be no more tie pictures going forward.  The kid wouldn't leave the tie on for more than 5 seconds.  Super frustrating for mom to take any pictures. 
George, on the otherhand, was a perfect monkey model.  Too bad Mason was too busy monkeying around ... ha. 

Even Honey looks annoyed with Mason's antics in this photo.  Poor Honey ... he just wants to love you and hug you all the time.  Be strong my little dog.
One of Mason's latest tricks is to climb his chair and then fall over.  Thankfully no tears and bruises yet.  Just a lot of giggles.

Not too many updates this month ... still 8 teeth and 1 molar.  The kid is perpetually teething though.

Mason did go up to size 6 in shoes.  He's rocking a new pair of sneakers which makes me laugh every time I see them lined up next to mine.  Can't wait until he's running miles with mama.

He's definitely being a pain in restaurants and has been on a "going out time out" for a few weeks.  We did cave recently and took him for pizza but boy was that a mistake.  He's just too loud and obnoxious to take out to restaurants.  Maybe in a few more months he'll calm down but right now he rebels while in the high chair and makes way too much noise for other diners.

Hopefully I'll have a more informative update for his 16th month post. 

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