Thursday, July 11, 2013

A slow return

It seems like every 3 months or so my body decides to breakdown and I get a cold. On Sunday it started ... Pounding headache, achy body, sinus pressure ... By Tuesday I was super congested and coughing up a storm.

So after 4 days off from running I finally returned to the gym. Originally the plan was to take a walk with my friend Shane but on the drive to her house it started raining. Since Mason and I were already dressed for the gym we decided to head there instead.

I am easing back into running after a sick hiatus. I started at 5.0 and slowly increased the speed for 15 minutes. Then I walked for 2:30 minutes at 4.0. I increased the speed again, slowly, for another 15 minutes. I finished with another 2:30 minute walk.

3.05 miles in 35 minutes. I'll take it. Now to rescue M from daycare! And yes I am wearing my TMNT shirt once again.

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