Monday, July 15, 2013

A little bit of fashion design

Lets just say I'm anything but a fashion designer. That didn't stop me from taking a pair of scissors and chopping up an old tee shirt before heading to the gym.

I'm obsessed with anything racer back so this definitely worked.

It didn't give me any extra oomph on the treadmill though :(

Holy moley. I had decided early on in my run that I would run 4 miles. Man was that a dumb idea. My legs did not want to do this. I dragged along and finally finished in just under 43 minutes after walking for a cooldown.

Dinner was slapped together once Mason and I got home from the gym.

Chicken with capers and fresh basil atop potato gnocchi. Delicious. Mason was not a fan of the gnocchi and threw quite a bit down to Honey. And that is why our dog is overweight. Oh and my basil plant is still alive and doing well after two weeks under my watch.

Now watching the Bachelorette and hoping Desiree doesn't pick a bozo. I love Drew!

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