Wednesday, July 24, 2013

91 degrees is hot

I would, of course, pick the hottest afternoon to lay out by the pool. Since I ran both Monday and Tuesday, I took today off from running and decided to hang out poolside instead.

Mason and I joined our friends Steph and Carson for a 3 mile walk this morning before it got too hot.

Now I'm enjoying a magazine and some music while Mason hopefully enjoys daycare. He's been a mess the past few days there ... Lots of crying and fussing. Makes me sad but he needs to get used to having others watch him.

New on the running front I'm seriously considering running my first and only marathon in November. I've been studying some training schedules and am planning on giving it 4-6 weeks of training to see where I stand. Worst case I run a half marathon instead so there's really no pressure.

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