Tuesday, July 30, 2013

82 degrees with a chance of hot

It's still unreal to me that I was able to go for a run in the middle of the day during the summer. It is just way too hot but today wasn't super unbearable.

I'm lucky that Ryan is in town this week and was able to keep an eye on the baby monitor while Mason napped so that I could get my run done.

It was great to run outdoors and NOT on a treadmill. It was also a nice relief to run sans BOB jogging stroller. Just me and some tunes.

This was the first run in a long time that I felt awesome about. I gave it my all and really pushed myself and managed to run negative splits.

Each mile got a little bit easier for me so I pushed myself more and more.

Looking forward to a few more outdoor runs while Ryan is around!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Sixteen Months

I'm trying to rush and get Mason's 16 month update up and running before he wakes up from his nap.  Shocker that I managed to get some pictures and content up here on the 29th instead of waiting a couple of weeks to finally do it.  

This past month has been a lot of fun.  Mason met some new family members, traveled to New York City, and mastered the art of getting onto the couch.  Truly all very exciting moments.
At first I would feel slighted when people would instantly say how much Mason looked like Ryan (dada).  I mean, come on, I'm the one who did all of the hard work during labor.  Lately Mason's personality has been coming out and it makes me happy when I see so much of myself in him.  So maybe he got dad's looks ... but he definitely got my love of life, loudness, and in your face attention seeking moments.
He's a huge goofball who is always making me laugh.  Whether it's making silly faces ...
 or perpetually trying to do a somersault ...
 or even sitting quietly and enjoying a new book (which I found in Durham this past weekend ... a Dr. Seuss classic IN SPANISH!).
You can almost always find a huge grin on his face ...
or at times some big fat tears rolling down his cheeks when he doesn't get his way (check out those molars!)
He knows how to "relax" in his favorite chair ... 
 and loves to run into the room at full speed.
He can totally get onto the couch now, run across the whole thing, then fall off.  So far there have been more giggles than bumps and bruises.  
 He makes the cutest little smirk that I know is only for me ... for his best friend Mama. 

He loves to vacuum, but prefers for the vacuum to be turned off. 

He loves brushing his hair, and hasn't realized that he doesn't have that much hair to brush.

He can eat an entire slice of cheese pizza at our favorite spot Hawthorne's. 

And he's mastered the art of public transportation ... bus, subway, and taxi in NYC.  Don't worry I didn't actually let him lick the pole.

now for the stats - 
*teeth - 10 (this includes 2 bottom molars ... the top molars may be on their way but I can never get a good look)
*naps - 1 a day from around 12:45-3:15p
*bedtime - 7p-7a
*milk - drinking 3 sippy cups a day, 1 when he wakes up, 1 after his nap, 1 before bed
*foods - will eat fruits and veggies on the go ... you've got to catch him while he's doing laps around the kitchen table.  once he's in the high chair it's only carbs carbs carbs!

It's crazy to me how much of a little man he's become.  He understands commands and can point things out.  He's been allowed to go to restaurants again since he's less of an animal but visits are still few and far in between.  He goes to the gym almost daily with me and doesn't seem to hate it as much as before.  

He's so much fun but so tiring at the same time.  The days of casually watching him are long gone.  From the moment he gets out of the crib in the morning it's "on."  My only breaks in the day are when he's at the gym daycare or while he's napping.  It's an exhausting job, being a stay at home mom, but I value my time with him everyday.  I'm truly the luckiest mom in the world to spend all of my time with the coolest little 16 month old there is (I may be a bit biased).

The day yoga was not meant to be

I should've guessed that yoga wasn't in the cards for me this morning. I couldn't find my mat before leaving for the gym but I figured there would be a mat for me to borrow once I got there.

As I checked into the gym the YMCA employee mentioned I better hurry if I planned on making the 9:30 class. The line to daycare was out the door and by the time I dropped Mason off it was 9:35.

I didn't think anything of the tardiness and was saddened to find the door locked for class.

Sigh. I took my tired body over to the cardio area and jumped on a bike for some cross training.

5 miles later I switched to the weight area and worked out triceps and abs. Maybe I'll make it to a yoga class on time this week. Or maybe not.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Rundies helped get it done!

Sigh. I'm pretty tired of treadmill running but pushing Mason in the stroller for 6 miles did not sound like fun.

Instead I slowly ran 6 miles on the treadmill and had to reset it 3 times to finally finish my mileage.

6 miles in 61:10 minutes. I could think of better things to have done in that hour, such as laying by the pool. Regardless long run is done for the week!

Good thing I wore my Oiselle rundies for today's long run!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Greenway run

After walking 3 miles on the greenway yesterday with Steph and Carson, Mason and I knew we had to head back for a run.

The greenway is a mixture of pavement, gravel, and wooden boardwalks. Since it had rained last night there were lots of puddles and slippery areas.

We lucked out with some mild weather and didn't get too hot during our 3.5 mile run.

We had a great time running together and looking at all of the other walkers, runners, and dogs. Mason loves pointing the dogs out and always makes the dog owner crack a smile.

Now it's time to get some lunch and enjoy the rest of our day!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

91 degrees is hot

I would, of course, pick the hottest afternoon to lay out by the pool. Since I ran both Monday and Tuesday, I took today off from running and decided to hang out poolside instead.

Mason and I joined our friends Steph and Carson for a 3 mile walk this morning before it got too hot.

Now I'm enjoying a magazine and some music while Mason hopefully enjoys daycare. He's been a mess the past few days there ... Lots of crying and fussing. Makes me sad but he needs to get used to having others watch him.

New on the running front I'm seriously considering running my first and only marathon in November. I've been studying some training schedules and am planning on giving it 4-6 weeks of training to see where I stand. Worst case I run a half marathon instead so there's really no pressure.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

2 runs, indoors and outdoors

Yesterday I managed to run 5 miles on the treadmill while watching The West Wing on my phone. Ryan and I are a little late to the WW party and are only 1/3 way done with season 1.

My favorite treadmill was taken (the technically broken one that lets you run for an indefinite amount of time) so I had to break the 5 miles up into two parts.

Today Mason and I took it to the streets and ran around the neighborhood. Holy humidity and hills batman!

I wanted to do 3 miles but my legs feel heavy and tired so that was a no go. Plus pushing that dang stroller with Mason gets awfully tiring.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feeling a little tropical

I decided to bring back smoothies and I couldn't be happier. Yesterday's concoction included spinach, banana, avocado, and almond milk.

Today I took it to a slightly more tropical level.

Not the prettiest looking drink but the combination of mango, banana, avocado, almond milk and yogurt, took me to a tropical place.

Even Mason approved. That would be a green smoothie mustache that he's rocking.

The smoothie was a nice snack after running at the gym.

Damn you treadmill for stopping at 30 minutes. I really wanted to hit 3.5 miles. Oh well there's always tomorrow!

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Monday, July 15, 2013

A little bit of fashion design

Lets just say I'm anything but a fashion designer. That didn't stop me from taking a pair of scissors and chopping up an old tee shirt before heading to the gym.

I'm obsessed with anything racer back so this definitely worked.

It didn't give me any extra oomph on the treadmill though :(

Holy moley. I had decided early on in my run that I would run 4 miles. Man was that a dumb idea. My legs did not want to do this. I dragged along and finally finished in just under 43 minutes after walking for a cooldown.

Dinner was slapped together once Mason and I got home from the gym.

Chicken with capers and fresh basil atop potato gnocchi. Delicious. Mason was not a fan of the gnocchi and threw quite a bit down to Honey. And that is why our dog is overweight. Oh and my basil plant is still alive and doing well after two weeks under my watch.

Now watching the Bachelorette and hoping Desiree doesn't pick a bozo. I love Drew!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

A slow return

It seems like every 3 months or so my body decides to breakdown and I get a cold. On Sunday it started ... Pounding headache, achy body, sinus pressure ... By Tuesday I was super congested and coughing up a storm.

So after 4 days off from running I finally returned to the gym. Originally the plan was to take a walk with my friend Shane but on the drive to her house it started raining. Since Mason and I were already dressed for the gym we decided to head there instead.

I am easing back into running after a sick hiatus. I started at 5.0 and slowly increased the speed for 15 minutes. Then I walked for 2:30 minutes at 4.0. I increased the speed again, slowly, for another 15 minutes. I finished with another 2:30 minute walk.

3.05 miles in 35 minutes. I'll take it. Now to rescue M from daycare! And yes I am wearing my TMNT shirt once again.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fifteen months

sigh.  once again my monthly Mason update is very delayed.  only 9 more of these so I better get it right sooner than later.  I decided to stop the monthly updates after his 2nd birthday.  

Mason got to spend a lot of his 15th month with abuelo and abuela which always makes me happy.  He came down to Florida with Ryan and I for Katie's wedding and got to spend the weekend with abuela.  Then abuela came back to Charlotte with us!  My parents helped so much during our move from Plaza Midwood to Quail Hollow.  We couldn't have done it without them.
I'm pretty sure there will be no more tie pictures going forward.  The kid wouldn't leave the tie on for more than 5 seconds.  Super frustrating for mom to take any pictures. 
George, on the otherhand, was a perfect monkey model.  Too bad Mason was too busy monkeying around ... ha. 

Even Honey looks annoyed with Mason's antics in this photo.  Poor Honey ... he just wants to love you and hug you all the time.  Be strong my little dog.
One of Mason's latest tricks is to climb his chair and then fall over.  Thankfully no tears and bruises yet.  Just a lot of giggles.

Not too many updates this month ... still 8 teeth and 1 molar.  The kid is perpetually teething though.

Mason did go up to size 6 in shoes.  He's rocking a new pair of sneakers which makes me laugh every time I see them lined up next to mine.  Can't wait until he's running miles with mama.

He's definitely being a pain in restaurants and has been on a "going out time out" for a few weeks.  We did cave recently and took him for pizza but boy was that a mistake.  He's just too loud and obnoxious to take out to restaurants.  Maybe in a few more months he'll calm down but right now he rebels while in the high chair and makes way too much noise for other diners.

Hopefully I'll have a more informative update for his 16th month post.