Wednesday, June 26, 2013

4 is the new 3

I used to be satisfied when I would run 3 miles on the treadmill. It felt like a satisfactory workout and I was able to retrieve Mason from daycare at the YMCA in under 30 minutes.

Now that I know he can handle 60 minutes of daycare I definitely let him hang out the entire time and find myself working out more.

I try to run at least 4 miles now (depending on if the treadmill resets after 35 minutes or not).

Today I was able to squeeze in the 4 miles in exactly 35 minutes and had time to work out shoulders and biceps. Both Mason and I walked out of the gym smiling today.

Here are a couple of pics from last months 5k ...

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not a bad Tuesday

.... So far that is.

Mason and I had a busy morning of running to Home Depot so we missed our window of going to the gym. Instead we played at home until it was lunchtime and then it was time for his nap. Once I put him down I gave my mom the baby monitor and raced to the gym.

You see I had big plans of running 4 miles on the treadmill then spending some time poolside.

4 miles in just under 36 minutes. Not wonderful but definitely better than nothing!

The pool is definitely crowded with a ton of off-school kids but I really don't mind; I'm too busy enjoying some music and taking in some alone time. Having this little "me" break is one of the million reasons I love when my parents are in town since my mom ends up manning the baby monitor.


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Saturday, June 22, 2013

she said it's a personal record!

My garmin forerunner 10 is pink and cute, therefore making it a girl. After my run today she told me that I had hit a personal record ...

I'm not entirely sure when this happened but am super stoked that I hit a sub 7 minute mile at some point during my run.

It's crazy to me how much faster I run when I'm outdoors versus when I'm on a treadmill. And don't get me wrong, this new neighborhood of ours is full of not fun hills.

Today's run, although super hot and sweaty, totally gets me in the running spirit. Let's try for 3 miles around the ole hood next time.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Our new gym

One week ago we officially moved from our Plaza Midwood home to our new house in South Charlotte. Along with all of the normal moving headaches came along having to find a new gym.

Fortunately our YMCA membership allows us to attend any YMCA branch in Charlotte. We are lucky to be a short 2.5 miles from the Harris Y.

On Monday I hit up the treadmill after too long of a running hiatus.

On Tuesday I skipped the gym and ran around our new neighborhood.

On Wednesday it was back to the gym for more treadmill time and some tricep and shoulder exercises.

And yesterday I rocked another treadmill run along with some bicep exercises.

The Harris Y is way more overwhelming than the Johnston Y we had been going to. Hopefully my anxiety will surpass and I'll begin to explore classes and other forms of exercise other than just running on the treadmill!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pusher love girl and a cheeseburger

The past few weeks I've been listening to the "Justin Timberlake" pandora station.

I ended my run on the treadmill with the song "Pusher Love Girl" and loved every second.

Mile 1 - 9:10
Mile 2 - 17:45
Mile 3 - 26:35
3.55 miles in 31:45 minutes

I'm glad I ran this morning since dinner was a cheeseburger from Kickstand. After going to this restaurant almost weekly it'll be sad once we live 20 minutes away.

I ordered my usual burger with pimiento cheese on an English muffin with a side of sweet potato tots. Mason's chicken fingers are on the plate as well ... Didn't want everyone to think I had ALL of that food :)

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Monday, June 10, 2013

too long of a running break

last week I only had time to run twice ... once on monday on the treadmill at the YMCA and once on wednesday while Mason napped away.  The mileage totaled 9.5 miles which is decent, but not the 15 I aim for weekly.

the lack of running can *and will be* blamed on traveling out of state for my friend's awesome wedding weekend.  we packed up the car thursday late afternoon and headed down to Orlando.  fortunately Mason was only awake for part of the drive and slept for most of it.  

our time spent in Florida was short and the whole weekend felt like a whirlwind.  after too much fun dancing, drinking, and eating poorly, it was time to return to Charlotte on sunday.  we hit the road at 10am and after hitting lots of traffic/accidents, and some terrible rainy weather, we finally made it home at 7pm.  

this was one of the only trips I've taken where I didn't pack a pair of running shoes and some gym clothes.  although I wish I had time to work out I knew that it wouldn't pan out.  

I was super tired this morning but knew I would feel better after I ran.  I started off slow, 6.5 on the treadmill, and finished mile 1 in 9:20.  I increased the pace to 6.7 for the 2nd mile and finished in 18:20 (9:00 min/mile pace).  after the 2nd mile I started dragging and alternated the pace from 6.0-7.0 until I finished mile 3 in 27:35 (9:15 min/mile pace).  I finished my 30 minute run with a total of 3.25 miles.

4 days with no running was way too long but I'm looking forward to pushing myself a little harder this week!

Fourteen months

oops ... the latest Mason update comes almost 2 weeks late!  things have been super busy in the Chalmers' household so I apologize for the delay.  without further ado ...

Oh my was it hard to get these monthly pictures!  I hope no one minds that I clipped his tie onto his monster pajamas ... I figured it dressed up the outfit a bit :)

Mason is definitely on the go.  He's pretty much mastered walking and is quickly trying to give running a try.  It's making it so much harder to keep him safe and sound!  And he loves climbing which has also given me a few bouts of panic.

  • bath time and rubber ducks
  • cheeseburgers (he makes me so proud)
  • mango, blueberries, apples, occasionally strawberries
  • meatloaf (with shredded zucchini and carrots)
  • giving dad a hug
  • going to the Little Gym and hanging out with his friends
  • going to the gym with mom every morning
  • swim lessons

  • he went through a phase where sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese were out, but fortunately that didn't last very long
  • diaper changes
  • wearing shoes while in the car
  • sitting in the carseat for too long
  •  isn't loving bananas as much anymore
He's mastered the afternoon nap which makes our days so much more predictable than ever before.  After our morning outings we eat lunch and then play before it's time to nap.  He usually sleeps anywhere between 12:30-3:00pm.  He'll pop awake after an hour, but will eventually lay back down for the 2nd part of his nap.

The poor kid is going through some terrible teething!  He's up to 8 teeth (4 on top, and 4 on the bottom) along with 1 bottom molar that has peaked through. 

He's been wearing 18-24 months in clothes and his sneakers are size 5.  He still seems pretty big for his age but since we won't have another doctor appointment until 18 months it's hard to really know where he stands among other kids.
looking forward to updating everyone on 15 months!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday long run

This morning Mason was on fire ... not literally of course. He was getting into everything and throwing mini tantrums left and right. We headed to the gym and as I dropped him off I said a silent prayer for the lovely ladies that care for him.

I knew I wanted to run more than 3 miles today since I am going out of town this weekend and may miss out on some runs. I started with 3.5 miles then reset the treadmill and ran another 3.5.

I finished the 7 miles in a little over an hour and was drenched with sweat once I was done.

Love holding hands with Mason as we walk outside.

And I wore my new running shirt that I bought in Charleston which made my run even more fun :)

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