Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Run! Ballantyne 5k recap

Finally! I've been waiting for my official chip time to write this post.

This past Saturday I ran with Mason and Ryan in the Run! Ballantyne 5k. I pushed Mason in the jogging stroller for our second race of the season together.

The race start should've been at 7:30 ... but at 7:33 I was receiving texts from Ryan about how late the race was.  Oh and he was texting me because we were so freaking far apart ... jogging strollers were put in the BACK of the pack which meant we had to wait forever to finally cross the starting line.  

Once we started running I spent the full 3.1 miles dodging people left and right.  The majority of the people in the back were very slow runners.  Most walked or stopped after a few minutes of running.  It's frustrating that I was penalized for running with Mason by starting at the very back.

Regardless Mason and I kicked butt.  He wasn't a happy camper and cried the majority of our run, which made me try to run faster just so that I could finish and pawn him off on Ryan (who finished before us).  

My gun time was 28:04 minutes but my Garmin showed a time of 25:13.  I am annoyed that it took almost 4 days to get my final race time but I'm super proud to announce that I finished in 24:49 minutes, 1:50 minutes faster than the last race Mason and I ran together. I was also in 4th place in my age group which is funny since the top 3 girls weren't running with a jogging stroller!

The next race that Mason and I will probably run together isn't until August so we have plenty of time to work on our time.  I would love a sub 24 minute 5k with the jogging stroller but that seems a little far fetched.

Oh and we'll never run this race again ... it was way too full of "new" runners who just got in my way.  Even though Ryan got to start closer to the front of the pack he still complained that he spent most of the race dodging people.  Yeah I agree those last 2 sentences really make me sound like a running snob.  Oh well!  


  1. Everyone has to start somewhere and you were a 'new' runner too once. I'm a seasoned runner and we accept all runners regardless of how slow or fast they are.
    Pretty disappointed that this is the second blog post I have read of yours that comments on others not being up to your standards. I think I will move on to a friendlier more accepting running blog. I mean there are about 1 billion others out there, right????

    1. hi A -

      sorry that my post came across as unfriendly and that you were disappointed with what you read. as a new mom I don't really get a whole lot of chances to get out to do races so when I'm out there I just want to get the most out of my time and money.

      I'm not even that fast nor do I consider myself elite.

      I read a ton of running blogs that I can pass along if you would like!

      thanks for stopping by! - J