Friday, May 3, 2013

not really my pace and 3 times in a row

let's talk about the three times in a row before we get to talking about a Pilates class I took yesterday.

I've listened to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" song 3 times in a row.  so far.  and might listen to it 17 more times in a row because IT'S THAT GOOD.  my friend Alex and I dig music and will send texts back and forth when we find something we like.  this morning I sent him a text about this song and actually got a phone call (we don't ever do that) saying he heard the same song an hour before and knew I would love it.  that's friendship right there.

ok so the video is pretty wacky.  I just watched it.  I'll stick to just playing the song over and over again sans video.  love me some Pharrell!

yesterday I decided to try a class at the YMCA instead of just running on the treadmill.  Mason and I have been getting to the gym around 9:30 which worked out perfectly with a Pilates class.  I dropped him off at daycare and headed up to the studio.  

I didn't want to judge the class based on appearances but the teacher was in her 40's and the other 3 women in the class were all 40 or older.  COOL!  I decided to stick with it since I had ran the previous 2 days and wanted a break from running.  

I was right ... the class (although not specified as an old lady special) was very very slow paced and definitely low low low impact.  Um ... last time I checked I go to the gym to sweat not to hang out and talk about horseback riding and whatever other nonsense they were talking about.  Sigh.  At least I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new but will be very weary before attending other fitness classes at the gym. 

On the brightside Mason was a champ and totally didn't mind being in daycare for an hour. 

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