Sunday, May 12, 2013

A day of firsts

Yesterday was an exciting day for Mason. He went to his first swimming lesson at the YMCA and had his first kids meal from Kickstand.

Our little fish loved the water. He splashed around and chased after some ducks.

After swim class we picked up some lunch and headed home for a nap.

Later in the afternoon we took a family jog (2.18 miles in 19:30 minutes) and worked up quite the appetite.

Mason had most of his sliders and shared mom's sweet potato tots instead of the broccoli. He wasn't a fan of the green tree like vegetable, but definitely liked ordering his own meal. We love going to Kickstand since its the first restaurant in Charlotte that makes us feel like we're regulars. The servers love Mason which makes our experiences there even better!

Such a fun day for our little fish.

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