Friday, May 10, 2013

5 days of almost consistency

high five to Mason and I for going to the YMCA 5 days in a row!  5 days of anything in a row with a toddler screams for acknowledgement of a job well done.  I ran 4 out of the 5 days, took 2 classes, and plan on (hopefully) running tomorrow and doing a FlyBarre class on Sunday.  That would round off the week with 7 full days of exercise.  

I love that Mason and I have settled into this schedule of going to the gym every morning around 9am.  it really helps to get my work out done early in the day.  plus Mason seems to be enjoying his time at daycare with the other kids so that makes me happy too.  

I'm hoping to eliminate some of the treadmill running and stick to classes at the YMCA.  I really liked the yoga class I took this morning ... it was slow and relaxed and was more of a 45 minute long stretch session.  The teacher was pretty yappy and started class almost 10 minutes late, but other than that I liked her laid back approach.  

by taking classes, such as yoga, in the morning, my afternoons could be used for stroller running with Mason.  we'll see how that goes starting on Monday.


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