Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Welcome to Sesame Street!

I'm not entirely sure if Mason likes Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang; he might feel indifferent towards them like so many other things.  But that didn't stop me from choosing Sesame Street as the theme for Mason's big first birthday celebration.
 My mom and I spent countless hours working on arts and crafts in preparation for his party. 
I tried to keep everything in the red, yellow, blue (primary) color scheme.  I found those fun foam letters at Hobby Lobby for around $1 each and hope to use them again in his future playroom.
I made sure the kids had some snacks too, ranging from "baby" goldfish, to Cheerios, to Sesame Street inspired yogurt smoothie pouches (which are currently Mason's favorite thing in the world).  Plates, napkins, and plasticware were all red and blue.
I found fun Sesame Street reusable/removable wall decals on and decorated the living and sitting rooms with them.
We loved our cake from Publix ... they even included a small round "smash" cake for the birthday boy at no additional charge.  It was definitely worth the 15 mile drive out to South Carolina for it.
Red, yellow, blue pendants decorated Mason's high chair, along with a Sesame Street balloon.

I made "monster" goodie bags for the kids who attended.  It was a little difficult finding age appropriate things for those around 1 year old but I think I did ok.
We had a huge spread of food ranging from deviled eggs, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken salad, pimiento cheese, a veggie tray, fruit salad, cheese and cured meats, chips and salsa.  Oh and mini meatballs (those were my favorite) which featured a unique combination of jellied cranberry sauce and Heinz cocktail sauce (don't question it).

Per Ryan's great idea, we moved the cake portion to our deck.  Mason made quite the mess and cake was EVERYWHERE.  It was totally worth it and I loved every minute of Mason's short 2 hour party. 

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