Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Twelve months

I've made it 1 year with these Mason updates ... wonder how many more I'll write?

Last Friday Mason turned the big ONE.  I honestly can't believe it myself.  He's so much like a toddler now, and less and less like a baby.  I actually heard a newborn crying the other day and cringed; how did I manage to raise Mason this past year and successfully pass those newborn hurdles?

We had an exciting weekend (birthday party) and I will post a few pictures in another entry.
There aren't that many new updates since the 11 month posting.

  • only 4 teeth ... but 2 have been poking through

  • no more walking since those steps back in February (although I have caught him on his video monitor walking while in his crib)

  • as of Friday we were down to 2 breastfeeding sessions a day (yesterday we dropped the morning feeding so down to the night time feeding)

  • totally loves eating our food and is a big fan of goldfish crackers

  • has started drinking organic whole milk out of a sippy cup

  • words of choice are still mama, dada, dog, and ball
  •  hates wearing socks and shoes.  already lost 1 shoe while leaving Target. 

Since the 11 month update we have totally faced a huge increase in separation anxiety, 99% pertaining to mommy leaving the room.  It's kind of unnerving but I know it's something he'll grow out of ... right?

He had a terrible one year doctor appointment in which they took some blood and gave him three different vaccines. Ouch. The nurse kept referring to his appointment as the 18 month check up because of how big he is. Um no ma'am, he's only 12 months old.
- 31 inches tall
- 24 pounds
Mason loves loves loves splashing around during bath time.  As you can see we are still using the infant tub inside the bathtub but he's definitely outgrown it. 

Hopefully we'll have some more exciting news about walking and talking in the next update!

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  1. He is getting so big! That chin kills me. Too cute.