Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pushing the limits

Mason is the boss of this household. He just is. He determines when we eat, when we go out to run errands, pretty much every aspect of our day. And I don't fault him; not one bit. He's only one year old and his needs trump mine. Big time.

So today I don't know what I was thinking pushing him beyond his limits. He had a full day of Target, playing at home, taking a walk around our neighborhood, and playing at his best friend Carson's house. What did I expect would happen when I took him out to a restaurant and lingered past his bed time?

Granted, people (mostly experienced parents and also those who are childless) will roll their eyes and think "be adaptable and stop letting your child run your life."

I tried people I really did. My friends at dinner, Danielle and Liz, even helped with holding and entertaining Mason but to no avail. When he was done he was done. There was nothing anyone could do to comfort him ... He wanted to go home and go to bed. At this point it was past his bedtime, something Ryan and I have strived to keep constant.

We've noticed that it doesn't matter how late you try to keep Mason up; he still wakes up at the same time. So in my opinion there is no reason to keep him up later than normal.

We were finally able to get our check and pay for dinner and rushed home. After bath time and some jammies it was time for sleep.

Poor guy was exhausted. Mental note ... Plan earlier dinners out with friends or make sure the server actually makes an attempt to get you in and out in a timely manner.

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