Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fran's Filling Station

Whoa. How did Ryan and I manage to miss eating at Fran's Filling Station? So glad we stopped by after sampling wines at The Wine Shop yesterday.

We started off with the jalapeno bacon wrapped sweet potato tater tots with Tabasco honey glaze — $7.25

I ordered the night special... Burger on a pretzel roll with cheddar cheese, bacon, maple aioli, fried onion strings, and a fried egg. Served with Parmesan truffle French fries. - $15.95

The price was a little steep for a burger. But I'll tell you what ... It was delicious. I cut that sucker in half and saved the rest and most of the fries for today's lunch.

The burger patty was so juicy that the bottom bun was barely held up. I'm glad they chose a hearty pretzel roll rather than an ordinary burger bun.

The toppings were a little messy.  I probably would've enjoyed it better sans onion strings.  The bacon was cooked perfectly and the maple aioli gave just the right amount of sweetness.  

The Parmesan truffle fries were a bit greasy/oily but that didn't stop Mason from eating a hand full himself.  

We'll definitely head back to Fran's for another meal in the future ... it is a little disappointing that their normal menu burgers don't come with a side and cost between $8.50-9.50.  Once you add a basket of fries the total gets close to that $15 mark.  The large portion sizes help justify that hefty price tag.

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