Monday, April 29, 2013

CPCC Charlotte Skyline 5k - recap

This past Saturday Mason, Ryan, and I ran the CPCC Charlotte Skyline 5k.  Ryan and I ran this race back in 2011 and really liked the course.
CPCC Charlotte Skyline Run
I signed up for the baby jogger division so I could race with Mason.  I was actually really looking forward to racing with him until I came down with a terrible cold on Friday.  I tried to super over-medicate myself in hopes of getting better by Saturday morning.

After going to bed with a fever on Friday night I was slightly disappointed when I woke up Saturday with another fever (I am 100% sure I broke the first fever at some point Friday night since I went to bed with chills and woke up 1.5 hours later covered in sweat).  I am super stubborn and didn't want to miss out on running this race, and I even promised Ryan I would walk the course.

Of course walking was not an option.  I tried to race conservatively and completed the 5k in 26:39 minutes.  The course had a slow uphill in the beginning and ended with a fast downhill (which was much appreciated) during the last 0.5 mile. 

Mason was a super champ and behaved the entire time while riding around in the BOB stroller.

I didn't take any pictures before, during, or after the race.  I was trying hard to just hold it together until we got home.  I spent the rest of the weekend in bed or thinking about going back to bed.  

Fortunately I am feeling a lot better today.  I'm already looking at the Run for Your Life Grand Prix Series for my next race with Mason.  
I think the whole family is going to sign up for the Run! Ballantyne 5k on 5/18.  Looking forward to racing fever-free :D

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