Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Block & Grinder

It seems like forever, but I'm finally back with a cheeseburger review {high five}

On a random family lunch outing, Ryan, Mason, and I stopped by Block & Grinder.  Although relatively new, the restaurant and servers seemed to have most of the kinks worked out.  

from their site: Block & Grinder is an unique retail and restaurant concept specializing in premium beef as well as all-natural, organic meats and wild game. The goal is to go “back to basics” and create a menu structured around appreciating every fresh ingredient.

Ryan and I played it safe and ordered burgers.  I went with "The B&G", a standard burger with NY cheddar cheese.  Ryan order the "Bacon Cheese" which had NY cheddar cheese and house cured maple bacon.  Both burgers came with pommes frites (french fries) as the side. 

I ordered my burger cooked medium so I could share with Mason.  The burger did not have any additional ingredients on it ... no lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mustard.  On the side I received some ketchup, along with some roasted garlic aioli that I requested for my fries.  

A good burger definitely does not need any embellishments and this burger fell into that category.  The taste of the meat was incredible ... so flavorful and juicy.  I'm not sure what kind of bread they use for their buns but it held up well against the burger's juiciness.  

The fries were just all right ... not seasoned enough and basically bland.  I'm glad I had that roasted garlic aioli to dip my fries into.  

At $9 you are paying for the high quality meat and not for any toppings so keep that in mind when ordering.  

The only hiccup that arose was when we were checking out ... our server closed the wrong check and ran our credit card for a much higher amount than what should've been charged.  They were quick to fix the problem so assuming Ryan's debit card isn't charged twice we should be ok.  Otherwise I definitely plan on returning for another burger in the future!

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