Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 2 of car naps

Sigh. I feel like I'm a bad mom when I let Mason nap in his carseat rather than in his comfy crib.

Yesterday we were still getting used to the time change and after pushing Mason all morning with activities (like daycare at the gym) and then a mall outing, he finally crashed on the drive home and slept for 1.5 hours while I was parked in front of our house.

Today I tried the same tactic except Mason wasn't having it. So after quite a bit of fussing after our early lunch I decided to head out to Toys R Us. Well I drove to where the maps app on my iPhone told me there was a store 10 miles away and guess what. NO STORE!

At this point I tried to keep Mason happy in the backseat, even letting him have a book that he's been chewing/eating.

That worked for 5 minutes then more tears as I kept apologizing to him that the app was stupid and there was no toy store.

35 minutes ago he fell asleep while we drove home. And once again I'm sitting in the car parked in front of the house like a weirdo. I'm sure other babies are capable of being removed from their carseat without waking up and then continuing their nap in the crib, but not my son. Nope he would definitely wake up and cry and then nap time would be over.


Anyways I've worked out every day since Thursday ... 6 days total, 5 with running and 1 barre class. I plan on taking Friday off from running in preparation for the Shamrock 4 miler we are running on Saturday. I feel great and love the extra energy.

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