Thursday, March 28, 2013


Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

You know what doesn't make the heart grow fonder? Not running for 8 days.

After a long (unintentional) hiatus from running I finally got some treadmill miles in this week.

The Shamrock 4 miler was the last time I ran since this past Monday. Mason was sick all week and I couldn't take him to daycare, plus it was too cold to run outside. Add the fact that Ryan was out of town and that means mama was stuck with no running. Lame.

Grandparents to the rescue! My parents walked through the door on Monday around 4pm and within 20 minutes I had my running clothes on and was out the door. I ran 3 miles on Monday and 3 miles on Tuesday at the YMCA. Both were much needed mama breaks.

Wednesday was unfortunately a day off but I came back this morning with 4 miles.

All of this running has been in preparation to {try to} run a half marathon scheduled on 4/13. Will I be ready? Should I sign up?

I haven't been blogging.

I haven't been running.

I can barely shower on a daily basis and feed my son without any hiccups. The past month has been crazy with trying to sell our house and Ryan being ultra busy with work. I am so lucky my parents walked in the door from Florida and plan on staying a week; I needed the help.

Fingers crossed I can blog more than just some whining about life and that my fitness ability increases tenfold.

Oh and I miss cheeseburgers. When was the last time I ran for one? More cheeseburgers please.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shamrock 4 Miler

On Saturday Ryan, Mason, and I ran the Shamrock 4 Miler.  It was my second time running this race (had to skip it last year) and I was looking forward to really pushing myself.

I made Ryan push Mason in the jogging stroller so that I could concentrate on racing and not be held back.  Poor guy hadn't run all week and definitely hasn't had as much practice pushing the stroller as I have.  But those 2 totally rocked the race and finished in under 35 minutes.
My final race time was 30:49 minutes.  I was really hoping to do a sub 30 minute race but unfortunately that didn't happen.  
Mile 1 - 7:39
Mile 2 -7:40
Mile 3 - 7:48
Mile 4 - 7:42

I placed 6th in my age group, 90th overall.

I haven't run since Saturday ... I wish I have.  Mason has had a runny nose and I can't (shouldn't) bring him to the gym day care when he isn't well (for his sake and the other kids).
Plus Charlotte decided to pass the Spring bandwagon and is still in cold Winterville. 

Currently I am not signed up for any races but am itching to find my next one.  I would really love to work on my speed and do a couple of 5k's but the possibility of an April half marathon entices me.   

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 2 of car naps

Sigh. I feel like I'm a bad mom when I let Mason nap in his carseat rather than in his comfy crib.

Yesterday we were still getting used to the time change and after pushing Mason all morning with activities (like daycare at the gym) and then a mall outing, he finally crashed on the drive home and slept for 1.5 hours while I was parked in front of our house.

Today I tried the same tactic except Mason wasn't having it. So after quite a bit of fussing after our early lunch I decided to head out to Toys R Us. Well I drove to where the maps app on my iPhone told me there was a store 10 miles away and guess what. NO STORE!

At this point I tried to keep Mason happy in the backseat, even letting him have a book that he's been chewing/eating.

That worked for 5 minutes then more tears as I kept apologizing to him that the app was stupid and there was no toy store.

35 minutes ago he fell asleep while we drove home. And once again I'm sitting in the car parked in front of the house like a weirdo. I'm sure other babies are capable of being removed from their carseat without waking up and then continuing their nap in the crib, but not my son. Nope he would definitely wake up and cry and then nap time would be over.


Anyways I've worked out every day since Thursday ... 6 days total, 5 with running and 1 barre class. I plan on taking Friday off from running in preparation for the Shamrock 4 miler we are running on Saturday. I feel great and love the extra energy.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some treadmill runs and a crafty night

I've done treadmill runs on Monday, Tuesday, and today. I would really like the weather to finally warm up so I can run outdoors with Mason.

Today's run started at 7.0 and increased 0.1 every 1:30 minutes until I reached 8.0. I really didn't feel like running today but knew I had to get some miles done.

Not a pretty time but at least I got 4 miles done and Mason wasn't crying when I picked him up from daycare. Score!

Last night I thought I would try my hand at being crafty.

I bought some yarn to wrap a wreath and then some felt and buttons to decorate it for St. Patrick's day.

Not bad for my first yarn wreath experience. I'm going to try to make one for Easter as well.

Such a good looking door, no?

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Monday, March 4, 2013

11 months

This will be the last monthly update before Mason turns 1!  Time really has flown by.  At this time last year I remember feeling super big, super uncomfortable, and super anxious to meet my little boy.

 As you can tell, taking pictures of Mason in his chair is really difficult.  He's discovered climbing and is always trying to climb up and out of his chair.
 And the distractions ... he's super distracted lately by everything and anything.  Usually Honey or Ryan cause him to look away in a heartbeat.
 I took over 50 pictures during this "shoot" and this is the best I got of him sitting in his chair with the tie on.  I'll take it. 
 He's always laughing and his laugh makes me laugh.  90% of the day he's such a happy boy ... it's that other 10% that turns mommy's life upside down. 
 I know I'm clearly biased but isn't Mason such a doll? 
 Big accomplishments this past month have been taking his first steps.  I can't say he's an outright walker (ha Walking Dead reference) but he has definitely taken some steps in the right direction ... hahaha pun intended.  Ok I'll stop with the jokes and try to stay on task since his nap is almost over.  

  • dislikes include being on the changing table for diaper changes.  absolutely hates them.  9 out of 10 times he cries during the entire process. 
  • he's also stopped liking his green purees ... I mix zucchini and peas together before pureeing it in the blender and lately it's just not his thing.  
  • likes include eating anything off mommy's plate.  he's been trying all sorts of new food this past month which makes eating together fun, although a lot more time consuming.  
  • he's indifferent about daycare at the gym ... some days he's fine with being there, other times he cries almost the entire time
  • loves taking a bath and splashing around with his rubber ducky
  • loves story time, except he now tries to turn the pages himself which turns into speed reading
  • loves hanging out with his little buddies and has some birthday parties lined up
  • still only 4 teeth but seems to be teething ALL.THE.TIME
  • down to 3 breast feedings a day (first thing in the morning, mid/late afternoon depending on the nap situation), and right before bed
  • naps ... oh naps.  why can't he be more consistent?  usually has no problem with a nice hour long morning nap but more often than not skips the afternoon nap.  
  • words include baaah (ball), dag (dog), hiiiiiiiii (hi), mama (said over and over again when he needs something from me), dada.  he spends a lot of the day "talking" to me which makes it just the tiniest bit less lonely while Ryan is off traveling