Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Date Night

I had a really hot and sweaty date tonight with the treadmill at the YMCA. I hadn't run since Monday and knew I had to get a long run done before the 10 mile race next Saturday.

So after eating some delicious pizza and putting Mason to bed, I headed to the gym.

Lets just say eating pizza isn't the best pre running fuel, especially when it's eaten less than 2 hours beforehand.

I ran the first 4.16 miles in 35 minutes with an incline of 0.5. Then I ran 3.84 miles in 34 minutes with no incline. I walked out of the gym at 8:30 pm, 30 minutes before closing time.

I'm exhausted. I'm so glad I was able to knock out that run, even though I've been feeling under the weather the past couple of days. Mason is still battling his never ending baby cold so I think it keeps getting passed back and forth.

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