Tuesday, January 29, 2013

our little wild animal

Mason's nickname should be Beaver for what he's done to his crib.  We loved his crib from Pottery Barn Kids from the beginning of all of this baby stuff, but found one flaw ... it only has one teeth guard along the railings.  

"Plastic teething guard protects the front rail and your baby's teeth"

thanks Pottery Barn Kids for protecting the front rail but what about the side rails?  How were those forgotten from the equation?  I'm pretty sure providing customers with 2 more of the plastic teething guards would've set the company back $1-2.  Tops.  Especially when the crib is a costly $500.

Seriously Mason?  Your teeth were bothering you so much that you had to go ahead and destroy your very nice crib?  

Thanks to Pinterest I found what I consider to be the easiest and least expensive solution.  After purchasing some material from Hobby Lobby (finally went there Katie) for less than $4 we finally had something that has provided no more teeth marks for the past 2 weeks.

I draped a long piece of navy blue fleece along both sides of the crib and marked where to cut the strips that would be used to tie it into place.

I'm surprised at how well the fleece has held up considering we have a maniac on our hands who gnaws through solid wood.  I'm disappointed that I didn't consider covering up the sides of the cribs earlier since we had planned on converting the crib to a toddler bed once Mason is old enough. 

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