Friday, January 4, 2013

Nine months

I guess this should really be titled 9 months and almost 1 week.  I waited to do Mason's monthly update until we went to his well visit at the doctor's office today.  
Our little monster had a great visit, and although no longer tops the growth charts at 100%, is doing just fine.

Weight - 22 pounds (84%)
Height - 29.5 inches (87%)

Not too much stuff to report ... still only 2 teeth, although his 2 top front teeth have poked through and are waiting to make the plunge.

Still sleeping through the night (yay!) and has now gone down to 1-2 naps a day .... yeah 1.  Today for example was one of the "hey mom I only want one 30 minute nap in the morning ... get ready to deal with me for over 8 hours non-stop after that" (cue evil baby laughter).

We've had fun with food.  He is my little garbage disposal and will eat almost everything I give him the first time around ... sometimes it takes a little nudging and re-introductions (ie. black beans).  Kind of insulting as a Cuban to have a half-Cuban son who didn't instantly LOVE black beans.

Honey and Mason have developed this weird relationship where they share toys.  Half the time Mason wants to be our dog, the other half Honey wants to be a baby.  Strange.

Mason loves his "dada" and I'm thankful for the days that Ryan doesn't travel and can help out with him during his off time.  Unfortunately 2013 does not look like traveling for work is going to ease up so there will be plenty of times where mama will have to suffice.  A plus for both Mason and I have been our daily daycare sessions at the YMCA ... let's not kid ourselves, he cries for a minute or so almost each time I drop him off, but a girl has got to get her runs in somehow.  Magically I've become much faster at running 3 miles on a treadmill thanks to Mason.

We try not to let the cold Charlotte weather keep us indoors too often ... especially since Mason got this rad car for Christmas and clearly loves to ride in it.  Our indifferent little boy - never hates anything, but never really loves anything either :D

He's our little crawling machine who likes to pull himself up on everything and anything and can take a couple of steps while supported.  We've tried our best to baby proof our living room but once he starts walking I'm sure all bets are off.

likes -
  • bath time with rubber ducky
  • sweet potato and butternut squash
  • his new blueberry yogurt
  • all of Honey's toys
  • getting tickled by mommy or daddy
  • play dates with his buddies
dislikes - 
  • long car rides (ie. driving to FL to see family ... total drive time with stops 8.5 hours each way)
  • diaper changes (unless he has a toy to keep him entertained)
  • being left in daycare at the gym for more than 30 minutes
  • being told NO when trying to eat iPhones, remote controls, or basically any electronic device

Although playing with an active 9 month old is exhausting, I'll never tire of this face and his million and one expressions. 


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  1. I've been social mia lately but i always love reading the blog! Funny stuff... Mason and Reagan are the exact same size, haha! Hope yall had a great Christmas and New Year... Its different (but good!) with kids. Ill email you soon to catch up!