Thursday, January 24, 2013

my first barre experience

on Monday I returned to Flywheel-Charlotte for another one of their intense classes.  I decided to give my legs a break and opted for their 45 minute power Flybarre class.

from the site ...
"FlyBarre is a total body sculpting class that blends the best of light weight training, dance, and core strengthening exercises. Using small intense interval exercises choreographed to immersive and inspiring music, FlyBarre quickly reshapes the body for lean, strong, and elongated muscles.
Classes are highly energetic, fast-paced, and fun. We change our routines frequently and use a wide variety of props to tighten muscles and keep things interesting. You’ll never experience the same class twice."

I was super nervous walking into the studio, clearly not knowing what to expect.  After speaking to one of the employees I picked the lowest weight for the 2 sets of dumbbells, 1 and 2 pounds, that were needed.  After a brief hello and good morning from our instructor we were off and began a grueling warm up.

She explained that we would be working out each muscle group until it was exhausted, and then move to the next.  Sounds terrible right?  I kept up with the arm workout, struggled through the leg part (shaky legs are no fun), and died during the ab exercises.  We only really used the "barre" a handful of times, which disappointed the previous ballerina in me.

It was a nice change from just running on a treadmill.  I'm hoping to include one of these workouts, either Flywheel or Flybarre, weekly to give myself a break from just running and hopefully provide a more well-rounded exercise plan.  

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