Thursday, January 3, 2013

I should've known ...

that the day after New Year's, people would flock to the gym in hopes of starting (and maintaining) their resolutions.  I had high hopes that people would avoid our gym and would go elsewhere after Ryan announced how empty the gym was yesterday morning around 7am.

unfortunately it was another story later in the morning around 11am when Mason and I got to the YMCA.  When I walked into the daycare room all of the babies started crying ... I guess they all expected to see their mom there to pick them up.  Crying babies instantly set Mason off who began crying as well as I darted out the door.  "See ya suckers," I thought as I ran over to the treadmill area.

As I pounded away my 3 miles, I couldn't help but notice a group of women gabbing away on the ellipticals and stationary bikes.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm no super fitness guru, especially after having a baby.  I just couldn't understand why this group of women would want to hang out at a gym instead of a coffee shop, mall, anywhere but being surrounded by sweaty folks.  I mean they weren't even doing any sort of exercise, just literally standing AROUND the machines. 

One of the daycare ladies entered the cardio area and pulled a mom away because her baby wouldn't stop crying.  What bothered me about this was the woman's reaction ... instead of showing concern for her little girl she was annoyed, rolled her eyes, and slowly dragged herself away from the stupid conversation she was having with these other woman.  Really??  I don't want to judge, but if my baby wouldn't stop crying for 10 minutes straight I would be more than a little concerned since at this point Mason only cries when something is legitimately wrong ... he's {thankfully} not a crier except lately when being dropped off at daycare with strangers.

Once I was finished with my quick run, I grabbed a drink from the water fountain and overheard the annoyed mom telling the other moms how upset she is at the daycare ladies for pulling her away from her work out to take care of the baby.  WHAT?  Really?  Hey lady, last time I checked you weren't even working out!!  And one of the rules of the daycare is that if your baby is out of control, they are allowed to come get you from the gym.

Ok that's all for my rant ... hopefully I'll avoid these ladies today while I'm back at the gym. 

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