Wednesday, January 9, 2013

double cardio

the past couple of days I've been totally rocking the cardio workouts and have done runs at the gym and walks with Mason in the afternoons.

the runs at the YMCA are part of my daily routine now so I couldn't imagine not doing them.  Today actually marks day 8 of my running streak.
Tuesday's treadmill run - 4 miles in 31 minutes

Today's treadmill run - 3.05 miles in 23 minutes
I've gotten walks in the past few days with Mason as a way to get him to nap.  The kid has decided to boycott afternoon naps but will fall asleep within minutes of returning home in the stroller.  So I drag the BOB inside and leave him snoozing in the stroller while I do important things like shower and wash my hair (yesterday I wore a hood most of the day to cover my dirty hair ... oh and the shades hide the fact that I wasn't wearing any make up - typical mom look).

Today's walk was even better cause I got to wear flip flops!  Hahaha spoken like a true Floridian.  The high today was 64 so I took that as a chance to push Mason around in his stroller while I rocked a tee shirt (no hoodie for once) and some flops.  Oh and some pants, but I figured that part was obvious.

Well Mason's cute little snoring has stopped so I'm assuming he's awake and probably wondering why he's still strapped in the stroller. 

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