Monday, January 28, 2013

1st cold of the year and some new shoes

leave it to Mason and I to get sick at the same time.  we haven't been feeling well since this weekend and although I can suck it up and try to act normal, the poor guy doesn't know how.  it must be terrible as a baby to sit around with a stuffy (and then runny) nose without knowing how to use a tissue to blow your own nose and offer some relief.

that, combined with some gnarly weather the past 4 days, has lead to 0 running since Thursday's 4.5 miles

on the running front I have finally purchased a new pair of shoes.  I got what I think is a good deal on Brooks PureCadence running shoes from DSW and am anxiously awaiting their arrival.  I tried them on at Dick's Sporting Goods to make sure my size was still the same as with previous Brooks shoes before pulling the proverbial trigger.  

from the DSW site:
For those of you on the minimalist, natural running kick but miss the supportive performance technology this running shoe is for you. Part of the PureProject™ Collection from Brooks® the Pure Cadence lightweight performance running shoe will change the lives of the mild over-pronator to moderate over-pronator destined for superior support without the weight.

Can't wait to run a few miles on my shoes ... once they arrive!  I'm excited to run in Brooks again.  After running in Adrenalines for years I had switched over to Asics in 2012.  I haven't loved my Asics and am looking for some familiarity and comfort.

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