Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jogging with Kelly and Michael

On Friday morning I made it to the gym in time for the Live! with Kelly and Michael show. I usually don't watch morning shows but figured it might be an easy way to pass the time while on the treadmill.

Liam Hemsworth was one of the guests. I didn't realize he was so young ... Compared to me I guess. Only 23 and has done so much. And has a cute Australian accent.

If you haven't seen the Hunger Games you totally should. It's a good movie AND Liam is in it :)

Over 90 minutes of cardio

Yesterday I did more cardio in one afternoon than I've done in a long time. I took a nice brisk walk with my friend Shane along the greenway. We walked for an hour and did just under 4 miles.

Then I braved the crowded mall to make a few returns and then drove to the YMCA to run a couple of miles on the treadmill.

My legs were a little tired from all of the walking so I only jogged a little under 3 miles in 35 minutes before the treadmill shut off.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

A slooooow 4 miler

I'm so lucky to have been able to sneak away to the gym for a run on the treadmill while Mason naps.

Unfortunately I noticed a super strong lower back pain begin as I started jogging. It actually hurt more as I slowed to a walk than while I picked up the pace. I didn't want to make my back pain worse so I kept the run pretty slow and finished 4 miles in 50 minutes while watching "Home Alone 2."

I did find myself startled a handful of times by the angry male runner next to me. Every 30 seconds or so he would punch the treadmill screen angrily. Then he would prance and skip instead of running. It was super bizarre and I definitely shared a few confused looks with other gym goers.

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Goals change, then change back

There was a point years ago where I thought running 500 miles in one year would be such an exciting feat (feet lol) for me as a novice runner.

Then I achieved that goal and wanted more. So I set my sights at 750 miles in one year and reached that milestone a few days ago with time to spare in 2013.

So what does an ordinary person do? Quickly change their goal to more miles for this year.

But then things happen. Mason was terribly ill yesterday. The poor kid woke up and never stopped vomiting as the day went on.

Six loads of laundry later plus a ton of baths and our day had finally come to an end. Ryan and I hoped that our little man would wake up this morning feeling so much better but instead he woke up crying around 5:30am which is almost two hours earlier than his normal wake up.

Since then I've had a huge cup of coffee and Mason has kept down a few Cheerios and some plain toast.

We've read all of his books at least once and have tried to stay nice and still in his bedroom in hopes of keeping down his breakfast. So far so good.

He seems to be in better spirits and that makes me happy. But sick toddlers make it hard to get runs in and I think my latest goal may go by the wayside. Which will be ok. One achieved goal is better than nothing. And one toddler that is feeling better makes it all worthwhile.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The scariest treadmill ever

On Friday I brought Mason to the gym with me so that I could use the treadmill and he could be watched by the daycare folks.

All of the "normal" treadmills were taken so I jumped on the Woodway.

Holy moly was this treadmill scary! I only ran for 0.25 miles than walked another 0.25 miles for fear of falling off that thing. There is no wall in front where your feet go so I kept thinking I was going to walk right off it.

Fortunately I found a normal treadmill after my measly 1/2 mile and finished another 2 3/4 miles.

Do you have a favorite treadmill at the gym? Wish I could solve my treadmill woes by having my very own one at home.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Running in Florida

After many months (years?) of not running in Florida I finally got a chance to enjoy a leisurely jog. I cannot believe it is mid December and I just ran outdoors in a sports bra and shorts.

We are so lucky to be staying at a beachfront hotel in St. Petersburg. Although a little windy, my 3.5 mile run was exactly what I needed. Looking forward to a few more Florida runs before heading back to chilly Charlotte.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What to do after a rainy run

This is a late post ... But aren't they always?

Last Thursday I set off to do my run after dropping Mason off at school. It was gray and cool outside but had stopped raining. I began running and was amazed by how many wet leaves covered the sidewalk. I tried to run slowly and carefully for fear of falling and hurting myself (again).

After about 2 miles it began raining ... Not sprinkling but full on rain. Since I usually do an out and back I had no short cut back to my car and had to run the same 2 miles back.

I ran 4.40 miles and arrived back to my car wet and cold. My solution was to head to Sunflour bakery for a crossiant sandwich, hot coffee, and cupcake.

I love these sandwiches! Hot, buttery, and irresistibly sinful.

I then headed for a much needed pedicure. There's nothing better than someone else massaging your feet after a run. Thanks lady.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Twenty months

... and this month's Mason's update is late.  No surprise there.  I was a little distracted by Thanksgiving so bare with me as I try to catch up.

We had another fun month filled with play dates, a trip to the zoo, a trip to the science museum, a birthday party, and countless park visits.
  • new words - up, out, buddy, happy, Honey.  he's repeating after us and trying to say more words lately, which is a big step from previous months
  • lots of new animal sounds - he's currently obsessed with making bear noises and even ignored his dinner at the "Lodge," a restaurant we went to for dinner which had bear heads covering the walls

  • foods - although he continues to ask for a "baa" every morning, he isn't eating as much banana as before.  vegetables are still tough to get down now that he has boycotted pouches, although he did eat quite a bit of sweet potato casserole on Thanksgiving.  still eats grapes and apples almost daily.  loves all bread products and cheese
  • naps - still 1 nap a day, 2-3 hours.  has skipped a couple of naps this past month which does not make mama happy
 At times he acts like such a big kid, but can easily turn into a little boy when he says "up" to me so that I can carry him.  Tantrums happen all the time which are still quite comical.  We've begun to institute time-outs, 2 minutes at a time, for things such as hitting Honey, hitting us, biting us, biting the couch, throwing the remote control down the stairs ... you know the usual toddler antics.  

He still asks for dada all of the time, even when Ryan is just a few rooms away working.  It's especially tough when dada is out of town, for all of us.  After his nap I'll sneak him over to Ryan's office where Mason will give him the biggest hug ever.  It melts my heart to see him be so loving and gentle.  He also asks for Honey as soon as he gets into the car after school.  Now that he can say her name it's truly the cutest thing in the world when he looks for her.  

I'm worried about our long drive to Florida but what can you really do?  Hopefully Mason will sleep through part of it, although I'm not counting on a peaceful drive.  Sigh.  I wish we had family closer but I'm always reminded that WE were the ones who moved away from Florida. 

I got 5 on it

"I Got 5 on It" is a hip hop song by hip hop duo Luniz, taken from their album Operation Stackola.

But I'm using this catchy song lyric in reference to all of the 5 milers I've been running lately. I ran 5 on the treadmill on Monday and ran another 5 this morning outside. I'm super stoked that it "warmed" up and that I was able to run in 48 degrees. This Thursday should be even warmer so as long as the rain stays away I'll be doing another 5 miler outdoors.

Check out our new treadmills at the gym.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Spending some non-quality time with the treadmill

I hate to say it but winter has hit Charlotte early this year.  I was just getting used to fall and then all of a sudden we've been hit with temperatures in the 20's and things such as flurries, sleet, freezing rain.  All of which make it much more difficult for a novice runner to head outdoors.  I don't really consider myself that experienced or even remotely "hard core."  I'm still getting used to living somewhere other than Florida where it's perfect running weather year round.  

Last thursday I was able to run outdoors and ran 5 miles.  I found myself on the treadmill at the YMCA yesterday and today, churning out the same 5 miles a lot slower pace.  Yesterday I was able to use one of the new treadmills which allows users to remain on it for a full hour.  I took a bunch of walking breaks and finished 5.1 miles in 56:09 minutes.

Today I wasn't as lucky in my treadmill selection and had to restart the treadmill after my 35 minute work out.

3.32 miles in 35 minutes + 1.81 miles in 20 minutes =  5.13 miles in 55 minutes

The forecast for the rest of the week looks rainy and cold which means I'll probably have to do a couple of more runs indoors on the treadmill.  It's crazy to think that I'm crossing my fingers for temperatures in the high 30's so that I can still run outdoors.  Maybe these are all signs for me to invest in legitimate cold weather running clothes.

Things that I've been drooling over:
Brooks Running Utopia Thermal Hoodie 
lux layerOiselle Women's long sleeve LUX Layer

Saturday, November 16, 2013

an unplanned long run

This morning I headed out to mile marker 8 of the Thunder Road Half marathon to cheer on a couple of my friends.  My original thoughts were to run for a couple of miles and head back to the car. 

But once I was out there running, and trying to be as encouraging as possible, it dawned on me that maybe I could last just a little bit longer.  After-all, my friend Shannon mentioned that miles 10-13 would be the hardest for her. 

So I pressed on, updating her when needed on her current pace (she wasn't running with a watch or anything).  At mile 11 I wished her luck and told her to keep it going.  And she did ... she finished 3 minutes faster than her original goal time of 2:15 hours.
Sometimes the best part of a race isn't so much the actual running ... it's the pacing, the cheering, and the supporting those runners around you.  Especially the ones that you're friends with :)

my mile splits:
mile 1 - 9:48
mile 2 - 9:56
mile 3 - 10:17
mile 4 - 9:23 (split off around 3.6 miles)
mile 5 - 8:28
mile 6 - 8:23

I may not have run the entire half marathon this morning, but I did sneak in my own quarter marathon. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I wasn't trying to prove anything

I had every intention of going to the gym this morning to do my run. I dressed in capris and a tank and threw my Northface and puffy vest on only to take Mason to school.

As I sat in the car on the way to school I wavered back and forth between running on the treadmill or just running outside in the cold. I had left my gloves and headband in the car so I was more than equipped.

After dropping him off I decided to just get the run over with outside. Brrrr. Was it cold!

I finished 3.5 miles and never really gained feeling in my fingers. I wasn't trying to prove that I am some bad ass winter (err fall) runner. I just wanted to get my run done and knew driving to the gym and running on the treadmill would prolong everything.

Jess - 1
Mother Nature - 0

This was definitely the coldest weather I've run in. Fingers crossed for a few more weeks of running outdoors before even colder weather.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book fair trumps running

This morning I volunteered at the book fair at Mason's preschool. That meant pushing my run until after I was done at 10:30. By that time of the morning I'm dreading exercise and am ready for some food.

I forced myself outside and ran 3.15 miles. Then I walked 1/2 mile to Panera for lunch.

I highly recommend ordering the autumn squash soup. It was amazing!!

I just walked the 1/2 mile back to his school and am waiting for dismissal. Glad I was able to volunteer AND run this morning :)

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Will not run for a beet burger

Oh dear. This is one of the first burgers I have not loved in Charlotte.

Yesterday afternoon I ran 4 miles in 32 minutes in anticipation of a delicious, decadent dinner out. Ryan and I met our friends at the latest restaurant to open, Nan & Byron's.

I started off with a jalapeƱo margarita which was awesome! Instead of a bread basket the table is given a bowl of seasoned popcorn that was also very good and a pleasant change from the normal carb.

Ryan ordered sweet chile wings as an appetizer which were also good and Brandon ordered the smoked cheese dip with fresh chips that was devoured.

My only concern was my main meal. I opted for the beet burger thinking it would be a healthier version of my usual cheeseburger choice.

boursin cheese, arugula, red onions, avocado

I guess I should've guessed by the title that the beet would be fried. The breading was thick and oily and just not tasty. The bun used for the burger was disappointing and didn't offer the support needed for the toppings and greasy beet slices. As my side I chose the mojito fries and was blown away by the amount of salt they added.

All in all I had a great time with Ryan and our friends and loved the ambience of the new restaurant but am weary of having a meal there again. Will definitely order that margarita again though!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In no hurry

I'm sitting in a coffee shop waiting on my egg and cheese croissant sandwich. While in the line the cashier apologized to me about the wait ... To which I replied "it's cool I'm in no hurry." He laughed and said he doesn't hear that often enough.

I am so blessed that on Tuesdays and Thursdays I get to drop Mason off at preschool and spend 3 hours to myself. This morning I chose to run 4 miles and then reward myself with a hot coffee and sandwich.

It was a cold 4 miles and I made the rookie mistake of leaving my gloves in the car. I still haven't regained full motion in my fingers.

Next on the mommy errands list is a Goodwill drop off and a stop at the mall to return some really cute booties I bought for myself but don't necessarily need.

It's nice to slow down and not be in a hurry. Take a break for yourself today.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Rocktoberfest Half Marathon recap

holy moley this is my 5th post so far this month!  

a little overdue but I wanted to write out my feelings from the Rocktoberfest Half Marathon that I ran on October 12th.

I definitely think that I was ready for this race; I had put in the miles and the training leading up to it.

There was just something about running a race without anyone waiting for you or cheering you on that kind of leaves you feeling meh.  I had picked this race knowing that my parents would be in town to watch Mason for me while Ryan had groomsmen things to attend to before Brandon and Lori's wedding that same night. So it wasn't much of a surprise to me that I would be alone.  

The race started off near our old neighborhood and even ran down our old street!  I tried to keep an 8:00 min/mile pace but around mile 8 (that's when the hills started really kicking) I found myself taking walking breaks.  I was super bummed since I had thoughts of running a 1:45 hour half marathon and knew that I would never hit that time with so many breaks.

I managed to finish the race in 1:51:19.  
  • 5th in my age group
  • 33rd out of 266 women
  • 123rd out of 493 runners
  • 8:30 min/mile pace
  • I missed 3rd place in my age group by 3 minutes
I'm proud of myself for running 6 minutes faster than my previous half marathon but know deep down there is a faster half marathon time out there for me.  I can honestly say I will probably NEVER run a half marathon in Charlotte again ... too hilly.  But hopefully I can run another half marathon in a cool city ... thoughts Katie? :)

Time change troubles

We can't be the only family with time change troubles. Fortunately Mason hasn't been too terrible with the hour difference. It's been mom who is a little challenged with the change.

Mason was a little off yesterday and was grouchier than normal (although I could blame this on teething too).

He finally went to bed around 7:30pm and woke up this morning at 6:45am. Sigh. I wasn't ready for that. It does help that the sun is at least out by this time now.

We struggled for things to keep us busy until gym this morning (childcare doesn't open until 9am).

Somehow we managed and I was able to drop him off without tears and ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill. Then I did a quick shoulder workout doing three exercises, 2 sets of 15 reps, using a pair of 5 pound weights of the following:
- shoulder press
- front lateral raises
- side lateral raises

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

the Pajama Run 5k recap

I wasn't planning on doing any more races this year.  This past Friday I found myself signing up for the Pajama Run 5k after briefly reading about it on Facebook.  

The Pajama Run 

The race helps raise awareness and funds for cancer below the waist.

Ryan and Mason went with me to the race on Saturday morning.  It didn't start until 8am which was a nice later start compared to most other races.  It was pretty chilly out, with temperatures in the low 50's.  

I wore my pink Pro Compression socks, Nike tempo shorts, and a Nike long sleeve dry fit shirt. 

The local middle school's track team was running the race and all of the kids lined up in the front of the pack to start the race.  It took about 1/2 mile to get around them and finally get into a groove.  The day was foggy and I couldn't see the runners too far ahead of me so I basically ran by myself after the first mile. 

Nearing mile 2 I caught up to a female runner who looked my age and ran past her.  I totally kicked it into gear during the last 1/2 mile and had a strong finish.

Official time was 22:21 minutes.  1st place in my age group (30-34) and 4th overall female.  

Whoa.  It still feels weird to write those words ... my last PR was 23:05.  I shaved over 30 seconds off my previous best time.  It was so great to have such a strong run after my disappointment from the half marathon a few weeks ago (I still have that recap to write).  

I loved everything about this race.  The race company, Start 2 Finish, did such a great job with the entire process.  The timing chips were attached to the bibs so once you picked up your bib you were all set for the upcoming race.  Once you were done with the race you could check your time at their timing tent, complete with 2 monitors and printers to print your time.  The prize was super useful, a blue coffee mug and $10 gift certificate to the Charlotte Running Company.

Is there a sub 22 minute 5k in my future?  Maybe next year ... 

Mason's first real Halloween

Although Mason dressed up last year for Halloween, he really didn't get the whole concept of wearing costumes and eating candy.  He was only 7 months old and caught a glimpse of the holiday before it was time for bed.

This year was a lot different.  I don't think Mason fully grasps the concept of Halloween but he was way more excited about trick or treating and collecting candy.  
 During the day he wore his skeleton tshirt to school since costumes were not allowed.
 I'm so glad that it "warmed" up on Halloween so that Mason's shirt and shorts costume worked out.  He dressed up as Charlie Brown for those of you who don't see a resemblance.
 The costume was pretty easy and inexpensive ... yellow tshirt, black shorts, yellow socks, and brown shoes.  Actually finding those brown shoes was tough, but I'm hoping he'll get some use out of them in the upcoming months.

 We found Mason trying to eat through the candy wrappers.  This was definitely the first time he had any candy and I'm pretty sure he's a fan.
 Once he got the hang of it he was off running down the street.  He loved going up to each house and just standing in front of the people waiting for his candy.  I can't wait until next year when he actually says "trick or treat" and "thank you."
 I didn't get many pictures with my little Charlie Brown since mom is usually the photographer.  But he did look cute with dad in the above picture.


Nineteen months

Oops ... another late Mason monthly update.  Not much has changed during the past month so at least I'm not holding out on anything exciting to tell y'all.

Oh Mason, you make it so difficult to photograph you.  He must be the most active toddler ever. He rarely stops moving, and when he does pause it's for mere seconds.  
 It's funny how much darker his hair looks. He still doesn't have much but thankfully it has been growing in.
 Honey is his constant companion and can be found following him around throughout the house.  Poor dog is always so tired by the end of the day.
 Mason is such a goofball, there is no other way of saying it.  He's always laughing and making me laugh as well.

  • latest way of getting him to eat vegetables - frozen peas.  he eats them by the hand full
  • still loves eating bananas every morning.  it's the first thing he asks for when he gets downstairs
  • not very verbal but has been doing much better at communicating through sign language
  • still loves pre-school and going to his Little Gym class
  • bedtime has gotten a little later; he usually falls asleep by 8 but is in bed around 7:30pm
  • took his first trip to the zoo and loved it.  looking forward to using our annual passes
  • no new teeth but has been working on those 4 incisors

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Carolina Barre & Core

today was a pretty active day ... I dropped Mason off at preschool then ran 4 miles around Queens University.  Then I headed to Starbucks for a cup of coffee where I stood in a ridiculously long line.  Seriously who goes to Starbucks at 10am other than me?

Then my most dreaded errand of the day was a flu shot.  Bleh.  My shoulder is already sore.  Funny that the nurse told me "don't carry any babies" in the next couple of days.  Does that include my own?  Or just stranger babies?

I had signed up for an 11am OM Fusion class at Carolina Barre & Core and hadn't received any sort of confirmation that I was in the class.  So I swung by the studio and was happy when I saw my name on the list of 20 names for the upcoming class.  Score!  Even better was that this was a free class.  
Carolina Barre & Core
from their website:

"Carolina Barre & Core is a place to feel totally present, engaged, motivated and safe. No egos, no judgment…only results. Our goal is to be mindful mentally and physically during exercise which will ultimately allow you to gain the results desired."

The class that I was taking, OM Fusion, is a "twist on a traditional yoga class."  

Things that I liked about my experience:
  • small intimate studio - easy to check in and get situated before class
  • great music - not traditional slow/instrumental music.  lots of fast paced and "motivating" songs
  • only 20 yogi's in class - loved the limited number of people; made it more personal
  • great instruction by Stacy
  • full hour class
Things that I did not like about my experience:
  • parking is tough to find ... only a hand-full of spots at location.  fortunately I found a street spot about 2 blocks away
  • 85 degrees in the class ... so not a full on "hot" yoga, but still hot enough to need some more circulation than just a few 15 second intervals of a fan
  • had I not been in the area I would never have found out if my wait list status actually was confirmed.  I'm glad I didn't miss the class but am curious why there isn't an email sent (such as Flywheel) when you are moved from wait list to confirmed
I would love to try one of the Barre Fusion classes offered at the studio and am tempted to sign up for their introductory special:

*Receive your first 2 weeks for only $50! And if you visit 5 times in those 2 weeks, we'll give you $50 off of any 10 class (or greater) package

 All in all it has been a great day for working out and being active.  Hoping to keep this momentum all week!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

2 different gyms in 2 different days

Oh man the cold weather has hit Charlotte! That means my days of running outside are close to being over. I could've ran outside yesterday but it was so windy that I opted for the treadmill at the YMCA by our house.

I ran for 5 minutes, then walked for 1 minute for the full time. Then I did three quick shoulder exercises ...
* overhead press
* front lateral raises
* side lateral raises

2 sets of 15 reps each with 5 pound weights

Today I awoke to 30 degrees outside and decided treadmill running would have to do again.

I ran 2.65 miles in 30 minutes, reset the treadmill, and ran 0.85 miles in 10 minutes.

3.5 miles in 40 minutes

Now I'm hanging out at Target waiting until it's time to pick Monster up from school. Happy Thursday!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Some non training

It's funny to me how little I actually want to run when I technically have to run based on a training plan or schedule. Now that the half marathon is over I'm actually looking forward to running again because I want to and not HAVE to ... Until it gets too cold outside.

Today I ran an easy 3.6 miles in 30 minutes around Mason's preschool. I volunteered to help with their picture day so I'm required to head back over around 11am.

After my run I headed over to Starbucks to enjoy a skinny vanilla latte and my second breakfast of the morning ... Turkey bacon, egg white, cheddar on an English muffin.

First breakfast of the day was oatmeal with almond milk and granola which I split with Mason.

It's been cooling down quite a bit in Charlotte, with lows in the 30's later this week. I'll be surprised if I actually run outside anymore this week or if I take it onto the treadmill.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hopebuilders 5k recap

Today Mason and I ran our final race in the Running For Your Life "Grand Prix" series. This season we have run 6 races together.

The Hopebuilders 5k had its own Stroller Roller division which allowed baby joggers to start 10 minutes before the other runners.

I had taken a few days off from running after experiencing some intense hip pain. It hurt to walk up the stairs, walk forward, and basically even lay down on that hurt left side. I was not a happy camper the past few days but am so fortunate that this morning I had almost zero hip discomfort.

Before the race we hung out with the Carolina Panthers mascot.

I'm not going to lie, this race was mentally tough. After taking so many days off since running the half marathon on Saturday, and only running 3.5 miles on Tuesday, I just wasn't in the right mindset.

We struggled through the first two miles and finally got a mini surge of speed at the end.

26:16 minutes was our final time. Not our best time but not too terrible either.

And yes Mason managed to take both of his shoes off and one sock while we were running. I was able to grab onto the shoes but had to stop the stroller and grab the thrown sock.

Aside from possibly doing a turkey trot or a Christmas themed race, we may be done racing for this year. And you know what? I'm ok with that.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The last long run

Well. It's over. I finished my last long run before the half marathon on the 12th. It's been nice getting my long runs done while Mason is at preschool instead of wasting a family weekend day. I even saw him and his classmates while I was finishing up a block away from school and had to run across the street to avoid being seen.

This was a rough run for me. Not sure what's going on with my legs lately but they are not feeling as strong and capable as I would've hoped.

I finished 10.1 miles in just under 1:30 hours. I took a walking break after 9 miles for about 0.25 miles.

And here are the reasons why this run sucked:
1. Ran a new different route that wasn't shaded.
2. Carried a 1/2 full water bottle which got cumbersome after a while
3. Ate orange GU chomps and hated them.
4. Felt like throwing up after mile 7
5. Right ankle has been feeling funky during my runs lately

Today's run has made me reevaluate my goals for the actual race. The last half marathon I ran I was 4 months pregnant and finished in 1 hour and 58 minutes. I had some unrealistic goals for this race and have definitely scaled back to avoid disappointment. At this point I would love to finish in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Showmars 5k recap

Although it took a little longer than anticipated to receive my award, I'm happy to finally give my race recap from the Showmars 5k.

The race took place on September 21st, just a few miles from home. Ryan, Mason, and I all raced that morning.

The course was hillier than expected and I found myself tiring out pretty early on. I had done a long run two days earlier so my legs were anything but fresh. The last quarter mile was all uphill so I struggled quite a bit with the jogging stroller.

Ryan didn't think he raced well either so we didn't even consider sticking around for the awards ceremony and instead took Mason to get some pancakes for breakfast.

Ryan placed third in his age group and received a tumbler and $10 giftcard to Showmars restaurant.

I technically placed first in my age group with a time of 24:23 minutes but was placed in the baby jogger division instead (even though we didn't have our own start time nor any indication we had our own division in this race).

The first place female in 30-34 won with a time of 25:00 minutes which I clearly beat. Oh well a win is a win which I'm still really stoked about since it's my second first place win running with Mason.

304 total participants
141 total women

My prize was a tumbler, a $25 giftcard to Showmars, plus a tech tee from the race which would've been cool except its a size Large. Looks like Ryan gets an extra prize for winning third :)

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Eighteen months

oops.  I'm late with Mason's update again.  originally I was hoping to be one day late since I was waiting until after his 18 month check up on 9/30 ... but then 1 day turned into 2 and then 3 ... and then I finally sat down and started typing.

let me just say that this past month has been a lot of fun for us.  Mason started preschool and is going twice a week for 3 1/4 hours at a time.  They play, eat snacks, go outside, read books, paint, have lunch, and basically have a blast.  His class is the perfect size; 8 little ones total.

I am so blessed that Mason has such loving and caring teachers.  my heart just bursts every time I hear them talk about how wonderful he's doing.  ok that's enough gushing about Mason being a big boy at school.

he also started back up at the Little Gym on wednesdays and has had so much fun exploring the gym and learning new skills.  he's also learning one sign language word a week which has been so beneficial.  

talking about learning new languages ... I finally kicked it into gear and have started teaching Mason some spanish.  I'm not sure why it's taken me so long, but now is the best time for him to learn and retain it.  he can identify nose, ears, eyes, and mouth and knows that trash is "basura."  he hasn't quite figured out how to say it but when he finds garbage he immediately says "baaaaaa" and rushes to the garbage can.  it's unreal how much they know at this age.  it's been a lot of fun discovering new things with him and watching him learn and grow.
 onto the fun stuff ... his stats from the doctor's visit.  
*weight 28 pounds, 9 ounces - 92%
*height 34 1/2 inches - 98%

I always thought Mason seemed a little tall but am floored that he's still so high in the percentages for kids his age, in both height and weight.  it's unreal that he's almost 3 feet tall!
he loves to play and is usually carrying a toy around with him at all times, whether its a truck, ball or "friend" (stuffed animal).

 he still loves his chair and will go and "relax" if you ask him to. 
I'm super jealous of his eyelashes, big pouty lips, and squeezable cheeks.  and his hair is finally growing in!
he loves to play his version of basketball, which unfortunately means throwing the balls down the stairwell at times.

he mimics us all the time, especially on the phone.  he'll have full on conversations in his babble language and is quite amusing to watch. usually we'll ask if he's calling Abuela (grandma).
 yikes this is a long post ... to wrap things up:

  • no new teeth; still waiting on those 4 incisiors.  seems to be teething at all times of the day when various books and toys end up in his mouth
  • sleeps around 10-11 hours through the night and 2-3 hours during his nap.  he's been going to bed around 7:30pm and wakes up around 6:30am (give or take)
  • drinks whole milk twice a day, once in the morning and once after his nap.  Dr. E has told us to start giving him 2% milk instead
  • likes grapes, apples, and blueberries (as of today but that can change in a moment's notice)
  • likes sweet potatoes and carrot and zucchini hidden in various forms (muffins, pancakes, burgers)
  • finally likes macaroni and cheese again!
  • can feed himself yogurt with a small spoon and gets 50% of it in his mouth (that's a win)
  • loves bath time and will say "bath" over and over until you get him in the tub
he's my little buddy and I love spending time with him.  I get sad when I see other kids and I'm not with him.  he's definitely a handful and gives me a run for my money.  I'm literally exhausted at the end of every day.  it's worth it though :)