Friday, December 14, 2012

Breaking up treadmill boredom

I hate running outside if it's the slightest bit cold. Especially if I'm pushing Mason around in the BOB .. Babies shouldn't be exposed to those conditions right??

Anyways I've found myself running on the treadmill at the YMCA a lot more lately. It's the perfect way to knock out a few miles indoors while strangers watch my baby for me.

Yesterday I tried to spice up my run by increasing the speed 0.1 every 1:30 minutes starting at 7.0.
Once I reached 8.5 I reduced my speed by 0.1 instead until I completed 4 miles.
Mile 1 8:25
Mile 2 16:10 (7:45 min/mile)
Mile 3 23:25 (7:15 min/mile)
Mile 4 30:40 (7:15 min/mile)
Total distance 4.3 miles = 33 minutes

The act of having to remember to increase my speed every 1:30 minutes helped to distract me. Plus I was able to keep some "gas in the tank" to run a little further than my usual 5k.

And now here's a picture of Mason sleeping in the BOB on our porch. Of course he fell asleep during the last few minutes of our walk and I couldn't bear to wake him.

Check out that pouty lip!

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