Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A longish run and some tears

I guess I should clarify that the tears came from Mason and not me.

After Mason's nap we got ready to head to the YMCA for some daycare and treadmill action.

I was feeling sluggish so I started the treadmill at 7.0, and increased the speed by 0.1 every 2 minutes. Once I reached 8.0, I randomly increased the speed every 30 seconds or so.

Mile 1 - 8:30
Mile 2 - 16:25 (7:55 min/mile)
Mile 3 - 23:55 (7:30 min/mile)
Mile 4 - 31:10 (7:15 min/mile)

Talk about some negative splits!

By the time I went to rescue Mason from the daycare area he was crying. I think the maximum amount of time he will be content in daycare is 30 minutes. Looks like I'll have to save my longish runs for the weekend.

My reward (or lunch) was a yummy veggie burger topped with pepperjack cheese from Kickstand.

Day 4 of my run streak!

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