Saturday, November 17, 2012

Charlotte's Thunder Road Marathon

Wish I could say I ran 26.2 miles today during Charlotte's Thunder Road Marathon, but I didn't.  Instead I ran 2.5 miles of it and helped my friend Christie finish strong!

The course takes runners all over Charlotte ... even right down the street I live on.  So after Christie hit mile 23, she cruised onto my street and I jumped in to help motivate her towards the finish.  She was lucky to have our friend Nicole jump in at mile 10 and casually do a 16 mile run today (training towards her first marathon in January) with her.  
I was helping her stay competitive ... as competitive as you could be after running for over 4 hours and feeling nauseous.  She managed to keep her pace around 10 minute/miles and finished strong in around 4:40 hours (might be less results aren't posted yet).  She even passed a few people during the last 0.2 miles!

After running 2.5 miles with Christie and Nicole it was time to head home.  Glad I knocked out 5 miles today and am so lucky to have seen a friend accomplish such a big goal.  Being around all of those marathoners kind of made me want to run a marathon one day ...

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  1. I was wondering why most of the roads were blocked uptown.
    I can't imagine running 26 miles...