Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a running realization

is it possible that I can only motivate myself to run if I'm in the midst of training for a race?  I think the answer is a definite YES. 

since August 29th (the dreaded trip and fall and wrist break and subsequent surgery) I've lost all motivation to do much of anything, especially run.  I'm still honestly scared to run on the sidewalks in my neighborhood.  fortunately while my parents have been in town I've made it to the YMCA twice to run on the (safe) treadmills, and should try to make it out there at least once or twice more before they leave.

with so many recent insurance deductibles being paid, and other costly expenses such as bi-weekly physical therapy sessions, there is little extra money to be used for fall or winter races.  so what's next on the racing schedule then?

around mid march there is usually a half marathon held in uptown.  next year the Alston + Bird LLP Corporate Cup half marathon is on March 9th.  Ryan and I both would like to run it so that would require someone watching Mason early on a saturday morning (grandparents maybe?).  

that's 5 months until the race which means I probably won't get serious about training until January (which I'm sure will mean training indoors on a treadmill since winter + Jess running doesn't happen).

sigh.  I hope I can shake off this feeling of laziness soon and at least get 10-15 easy miles run each week.  

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