Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Seven months

on Monday Mason hit the 7 month mark.
This kid doesn't stop getting bigger!  No weight or height update this time (since there weren't any doctor office measurements) but it's obvious that he is still growing.  One of the Publix employees even thought he was already 1 year old ... close buddy, but still 5 months off from that mark :)

He's been eating a lot more solids in the past month.  We've introduced squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas, pears, and bananas.  So far he's loved them all.  Definitely is a foodie like his mom :)  Can't wait to introduce cheeseburgers in pureed form ... joking (maybe).  I've made my own baby food and I've also bought Gerber brand.  Clearly buying it ready made is easier but I'm leaning towards making my own in the future.  We shall see.

He's constantly on the move ... this whole crawling thing is super fun for him and he tries to get away any chance he gets. 
He's also mastered standing up in his pack n play and his crib.  He'll stand for minutes on end and just stare at what is going on around him.  Oh and Honey has inherited the Boppy pillow it seems.

  • the water dispenser on the refrigerator
  • opening window blinds every morning
  • Bobo, his new stuffed monkey
  • taking baths (he used to hate them!)
  • going on the swing at the playground
  • having play dates with Linus and Carson (his little buddies)
  • walks, jogs, runs in the BOB stroller
  • hiking (in the mountains of Tennessee no less)
  • being ignored too long
  • wearing socks
  • being restrained (in his car seat, high chair, basically anywhere that prevents full freedom)
  • when dad travels (ok maybe that's a mom dislike)
  • posing for photos

Last of the updates for this month ...
  • breastfeeding 4-6 times a day
  • eating solids 2-3 times a day
  • sleeping 6 out of 7 nights a week 7:30pm-6:30am ... once in a while he'll wake up at 4:30am and either cry for a while and I'll feed him, or will put himself back to sleep without much fuss *mom still wakes up around 1am and 4am for no reason*
  • 2-3 naps a day, lasting between 40-75 minutes
  • one tooth is visible, the 2nd tooth is starting to poke through too

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Heist Brewery

It's crazy to think that this is my 24th cheeseburger review.  I look forward to the day when I write my 100th review :)  but until then I'll tell you about the delicious burger I had last Thursday at Heist Brewery.

From the website:
Heist Brewery is proud of its historical heritage. The Heist Building is located in historic Highland Park Mill, originally a cotton mill constructed in 1903-1904.

Heist Brewery is Charlotte’s newest contemporary brewpub in the NoDa Neighborhood. We utilize old world techniques of brewing. 

I dragged Ryan and Mason around our neighborhood for a 1.5 mile run just so I could justify going to the local brewery for a burger.  

Once we got to HB, we plopped Mason down in a high chair with some of his toys.
Shortly after arriving at Heist we ordered our meals ... the "Brewmaster BBQ" burger for Ryan and the "Highland Mills Bacon Cheese" for me.  Ryan went with the creamed corn as his side and I chose the Parmesan rosemary tots.
the "Highland Mills Bacon Cheese" was 
a blend of smoked brisket and porterhouse tail, aged cheddar, smoked bacon, fire roasted maters, red onion, and baby greens.

Our server told us the meat was ground in house ... it had such an amazing taste.  The burger patty was so flavorful and juicy; definitely one of my favorite in Charlotte.  I enjoyed the toppings and found that no condiments were needed (I didn't add any ketchup or ask for mustard or mayo).  

My only complaint with the burger was the bun ... it just didn't taste right and didn't add the right flavor profile to the burger.  And the tots were delicious; but unfortunately only 4 or 5 are served as the side.  

Ryan enjoyed his burger but also complained about the bun.  He loved the creamed corn as his side.

Overall this was a great burger and I would definitely order it again.  I love the atmosphere of Heist Brewery and enjoy their beers.  We're lucky to have a fun drinking/eating establishment just a short distance away from our home.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A typical fall day

Today was a perfect fall day in Charlotte. The slight breeze and cool temperature, along with the falling leaves, made it super enjoyable to be outdoors.

We took Mason out for a pumpkin beer ... He is a good observer and allows mom and dad to enjoy their drinks.

Running after drinking a beer isn't the greatest idea, but I wanted to get a short run in since I took yesterday off.

I stopped mid run to take this picture ... As if running wasn't dangerous enough for me, I had to pick sidewalks that were covered entirely in slippery leaves. I finished 1.5 miles in 12:30 minutes.

The rest of our afternoon included some park time for Mason and Honey.

Mason got to use the swing for the first time and loved it. I see many more park trips in the future.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bringing back BOB

It has been weeks since I last jogged with Mason in the BOB jogging stroller. I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous weather today in Charlotte so I strapped Mason into the BOB and headed off on a jog.

Halfway through our jog we stopped by the post office to mail a book to a friend'a future baby. I love taking advantage of literally running my errands.

Mason would like it to be known that he's wearing his "fastest on the block" shirt.

We finished a total of 1.65 miles. Running with Mason is definitely a work out and it felt good to exercise after being on vacation all weekend.

Time to entertain Mason for the rest of the evening until bedtime. Here's a shot of him taking his nap earlier. I find it amusing that he sleeps with his little butt in the air.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Running > hiking

Yesterday Ryan, Mason, and I tackled Chimney Tops trail in Tennessee for some hiking with friends. At first we thought we would be able to push Mason along the trail in his BOB stroller, but unfortunately we realized the pathway was too steep and narrow.

I ended up strapping him to my chest using the Bjorn carrier instead.

We hiked approximately 2.25 miles in around 1 hour 45 minutes. Mason was a total champ and loved looking at everything around us.

The views were breathtaking and I can honestly say I've never been exposed to anything as majestic as the scenery I witnessed during our hike and drive through the mountains.

Today I'm feeling a little sore from our hike and realize I'm more of a runner than I'll ever be a hiker. At least we got some exercise in during vacation!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grouchy babe = no run

Oh Mason. Today just wasn't his day. He did a lot of this:

And he decided to boycott naps. Sigh. It left me very frazzled and unhinged. I even tried a trip to Target to calm him. Instead it just meant buying a bunch of things we didn't need ...

We did take a 1.25 mile walk around the neighborhood using the BOB stroller. Usually that puts him to sleep but he stayed wide awake.

I guess today was not meant to be a run day. Who knows ... Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for both of us. Wish babies weren't so unpredictable!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Overcoming a fear and a baking addiction

Fall means different things to different people. To me it is a chance to wear cute scarves and boots and to bake. And by bake I mean bake desserts and sweets for absolutely no reason other then I had some spare time and a cupboard full of sugar.

Yesterday I made 6 cinnamon sugar dipped baked donuts.

Today I noticed two plums in the fruit bowl that looked really ripe. Instead of just eating them and enjoying their sweet deliciousness, I chopped them up and baked them into a crumble.

Ryan and I had some as dessert with vanilla ice cream. It was really tasty.

It's easy to hang out in the kitchen and bake when you have this guy helping you.

I finally made it outside today for a short run. I was pretty hesitant about running outside on the killer sidewalks, but time did not allow for me to make it to the gym.

I was super scared and overly cautious while I ran on the sidewalk. Once I passed the scene of the accident I felt a little better, like I beat the sidewalk. Sidewalk 1 - Jess 1.

I finished 1.5 miles in 13:14 minutes and hurried home to get dinner finished since it was already past 6pm when I headed out for my run.

Fingers crossed this is the start of something good ... running multiple times this week and further overcoming my fear of tripping again.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

a couple of pics from Ramblin' Rose 5 miler

test image
love my family
test image
peace sign with the broken wrist






Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a running realization

is it possible that I can only motivate myself to run if I'm in the midst of training for a race?  I think the answer is a definite YES. 

since August 29th (the dreaded trip and fall and wrist break and subsequent surgery) I've lost all motivation to do much of anything, especially run.  I'm still honestly scared to run on the sidewalks in my neighborhood.  fortunately while my parents have been in town I've made it to the YMCA twice to run on the (safe) treadmills, and should try to make it out there at least once or twice more before they leave.

with so many recent insurance deductibles being paid, and other costly expenses such as bi-weekly physical therapy sessions, there is little extra money to be used for fall or winter races.  so what's next on the racing schedule then?

around mid march there is usually a half marathon held in uptown.  next year the Alston + Bird LLP Corporate Cup half marathon is on March 9th.  Ryan and I both would like to run it so that would require someone watching Mason early on a saturday morning (grandparents maybe?).  

that's 5 months until the race which means I probably won't get serious about training until January (which I'm sure will mean training indoors on a treadmill since winter + Jess running doesn't happen).

sigh.  I hope I can shake off this feeling of laziness soon and at least get 10-15 easy miles run each week.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's been over a month

It's been over a month since I worked out at the YMCA. Heck it might be close to 2 months which is scary.

It's been over a month since I tripped and fell and broke my wrist and ALMOST a month since my surgery (on the 7th).

I finally took advantage of the fact that my parents are in town helping with Mason to head off to the gym for a bit. I was only gone for 30 minutes, but man oh man, were those the best sweaty minutes ever. Unfortunately 20 minutes were only spent working out, the rest was travel time.

I walked for 1 minute at 4.5, then began running at 6.0 and increased the speed by 0.1 every minute. I reached 7.7 at 19 minutes then walked for the last minute at 4.5.

Total mileage 2.2 in 20 minutes.

Check out Mason in his awesome monster pajamas from this morning.

And yes I have my college tshirt quilts spread all over the floor incase he falls over.

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Six months

this post is a little overdue ... Mason turned 6 months this past Saturday, but better late than never, right?

Last Friday we took Mason to the doctor's for his 6 month wellness visit (and shots).  We were pleased to hear that our little man is doing well and is super healthy.  

After taking his measurements we found his percentages and thought it was amusing that his height is at 100% (28.5 inches) and his weight is at 85% (19 pounds, 8 ounces).  He's definitely "slimmed down" this past month and has a more lean look.  

Mason has now said "mama" numerous times and has yet to say "dada" ... sorry Ryan.  Other sounds he's made are "baba" and AHHHHH (baby noise). 

He can sit up on his own and likes to play in his pack n play with his toys.  This has been a huge relief since I can't carry him on my own (wrist is still in recovery).

He also decided on his 6 month birthday that he was going to crawl.  So he's definitely mobile now and has a floor full of pillows and blankets to play on (and to help with any spills and falls).

He's a huge goofball and I find myself laughing at his expressions all day long.  Clearly I don't get out as much anymore if I find everything my 6 month old does hysterical.

He's still eating oatmeal twice a day and we were very excited to start other solids the day after he turned 6 months old (updates will come in the 7 month post).  I'm still breastfeeding and we're down to 5 or 6 times a day.  He looks like a giant while he's laying across me so I'm not sure how much longer I'll last with the whole breastfeeding thing.

The past couple of weeks he's been sleeping mostly through the night ... bedtime around 7:30-7:45pm and sleeping until 6:00-6:15am.  I'll take it!

Taking his monthly pictures is a little more difficult ... there were a lot of "almost falling out of the chair" moments.  Oh and taping a tie onto his shirt was not a good idea.  He clearly mastered the art of ripping it off and putting it directly into his mouth.