Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One week

And no I'm not talking about the song by Barenaked Ladies ...

It's been one week since I took that terrible spill while running and broke my wrist. It's been one week of only using my right arm to accomplish so many every day and mundane tasks. It's been one week since I've been able to carry Mason without having someone put him in a carrier.

And worst of all it's been one week since I've gone running.

Mason and I have taken daily walks as our exercise. We've also done some sitting around and watching Elmo.

I don't think I'm ready mentally to start running again. I'm truly afraid that I'll fall again. I really hope that fear goes away soon.

As far as the half marathon scheduled for this month goes, I'm going to contact the race people and ask if I can downgrade to the 5 mile race instead. I'm disappointed but I honestly don't think I can pull myself together in time.


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